Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 Review {mi pad 2 india}

Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 Review {mi pad 2 india}

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we tech reviewers usually get to test products for about a week or so before coming out of the full review sometimes there’s a product Quran box but something more important comes up you guys start asking me about something else and by the time I get back to it most of you have lost interest so since I buy most of my stuff I just sell it and move on but proudly very rarely does it advice that you guys don’t forget about for months all I get are comments about why I haven’t done the review yet and this happens to be one of those devices so why did I make you wait well I’ll explain that before the end of the Article enough I promised you a review and here it is better late than never right but before we get to it if this is your first time yeah or in kids you too bummed out for the delays and claim not to remember my name is Ashe this is slippery Tech and you’re watching our full review of the Xiaomi me Pat 2 so let’s quickly get through the build and placements unlike its predecessor the meat part 2 is built out of metal to the front on top we have a 5 megapixel front facing camera a notification LED the display and backlit capacities keys at the bottom to the back we have an 8 megapixel rear camera a couple of microphones me branding and the speaker’s the volume rockers can be found to the right the 3.5 millimeter headphone jacks up top there’s nothing to the left and to the bottom we have the USB type-c port if you feel something’s missing yeah you’re right the micro SD slot from the original me pad has been omitted here bad move show me pad move I feel micro SD is very important especially on a tablet which tends to be used more for media consumption than your traditional smartphone will and a few here’s where you need a lot more storage maybe I’m wrong here’s a poll let me know what you think anyway that’s it Xiaomi seems to have done a great job with a me pad twos build the aural footprint smaller than that of its predecessor it’s just seven millimeters thick now at 322 gram also weighs in about 40 grams liner the bezels are smaller to feel squared well built on paper the display remains the same the me pad tool retains a 7.9 inch IPS LCD display with the 1536 by 2048 pixel resolution meaning a pixel density of 326 pixels per inch or what Apple calls retina well the me pad had Gorilla Glass 3 protection xiaomi is not mentioned what they are using for protection here on the me part 2 that’s disappointing that’s it they have improved the quality of the display itself this displays brighter and the colors well not the most accurate are much better than what’s found on the first generation me pad the viewing angles are stellar and with a pixel density of 326 pixels per inch this display is definitely good for reading browsing or watching videos as for the camera there’s an 8 megapixel shooter to the back and a 5 megapixel shooter to the front these are tablet cameras average they work what more can I say about them anyway if you really want to see here are a few more samples underneath the hunt the me pad 2 is powered by an Intel Atom x5 z 8500 chip now that’s four cores clocked at 2.2 4 gigahertz each with Intel HD graphics 2 gigs of ram and the 64 gigs of on-board storage all this is powered by a 60 190 milliamp hour non user replaceable battery that’s over 500 milliamp is smaller than the battery found on its predecessor this is probably how Xiaomi managed to reduce the thickness of this guy the benchmark scores are okay but remember this is not a tablet for gaming with less intensive titles there were no issues but crank up the intensity and the meet back to falters it’s not just because of the lack of horsepower underneath very few games are optimized for Intel HD graphics and that makes the performance even worse than it actually is given that this is a follow up to the mill pad which sported a Tegra k1 chip as far as gaming goes to me pad 2 kind of feels like a downgrade with regular usage things are a tad better like if you wanted to watch a movie or read a book the basics and can do with remember if you do want to watch a movie on this the forestry aspect ratio will cause black bars kinda ruining the experience the audio output is average at best talking about average that let’s start from management and calling RAM management average has me being very generous because this meat pad 2 can hardly read in a couple of apps in memory I’ve constantly faced apps being aggressively killed at the background maybe it’s because of just 2 gigs are from maybe it’s because of an optimized me you why talking about me UI me pad 2 launched with me you by 7 built on top of android 5.1 lollipop and it has hence been updated to me UI 8 but it’s still stuck on lollipop given the Intel chip underneath and Charlie’s track record I highly doubt the me pad to we’ll see marshmallow well this might not be a huge issue show me is refusal to release sources means there is little to no development on this either so you can’t even flash a lot of custom roms again we could look past it FB you I didn’t feel half-baked most of the new me UI 8 features including longtime regulars like the security app or a team support aren’t present here on the tablet version of me UI and the basic experience itself is not good that’s lag all over apps take quite a bit to launch and the user experience is just disappointing what is not disappointing is the price let me part 2 is priced at $9.99 yuan for the 16 gig Marion and 1219 anyone for the 64 gig variant that’s about one hundred and forty five dollars or ten thousand rupees and one hundred and ninety dollars or thirteen thousand Indian rupees respectively for that price you are basically getting a very well-built tablet with an excellent display that’s let down by the chip and the software and need if you want to tablet for media consumption mainly then the me part 2 might be something you can consider again for media consumption the 16 gig variant makes absolutely no sense so thank you show me removing the microSD slot so 64 it is and what about the windows variant you ask well all I said about performance for the Android variant now take that multiply it by a factor of four and that is how the windows variant fairs I had it on Windows for many months in my unboxing I told you guys I’d probably try to use it as a portable Windows Device since all I do on my Windows laptop is just the basic script take notes and whatnot and even for that I found the performance lacking and that is why I took a long time testing it I tried I try to make it work I wanted to do a review with the windows variant and it just felt so bad that it felt stupid doing a video on it and that’s why I flashed it to Android and then ended up shooting this video hence on the delay so sorry about that anyway but if you were to buy a me part two I would suggest buying the Windows variant I leave a link to a tutorial it’s pretty easy on how to convert it to the Android variant because if you do buy a Windows variant like I did you can extract the keys and it’s that Windows key I’m using on my mini notebook care right now so it’s the Windows variant and the Android vary in the 64 gig once I press the same so I’d suggest picking up the Windows variant it converting it away and that’s it for my two cents on the mill pad – do you agree with what I had to say in this article if you didn’t let me know what is it that you disagree with and that’s it give this article a thumbs up if you liked it for the town .

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