WhatsApp Recognize that you block contacts

Do you suspect that someone you blocks with WhatsApp? ULTIMATE TECH NEWS  shows tricks that you find out who wants nothing to read from you.

Find out with simple tricks, if you block contacts with WhatsApp.

Find out with simple tricks, if you block contacts with WhatsApp.

She write to a contact on WhatsApp  the recipient of the message but there is no answer? In addition you no longer see when the alleged buddy was last online. Maybe the contact has blocked you. This can be checked While the methods are not 100 percent reliable, but you might learn about whether a person you purposely excludes the Messenger.


Timestamp: “Online”

If the contact’s status to “Online” it means that this user has opened his WhatsApp and an Internet connection is available. But that does not mean that the person reading your messages.


Sent message

Send a message to a contact and this they blocked only a check mark next to the chat box will appear. Even if the message is delivered, not a check mark next to the second message appears.


Xfire update

Blocks a contact, so it is no longer possible for you to see updates to the profile picture.


Create Group: Chat Menu

Open WhatsApp and look in the menu under “New Group”. This option Chat multiple contacts with each other, as in a conference call.


Create group: determine group Subject

Have ” New Group “is selected, the next menu from which you can determine the name of the group and a group picture will appear at once. After you name the group, click ” Next”.


Create group: add contacts

You can add contacts to the group. You simply need to press the plus-icon next to the text bar.


Create group: Select contacts from the list

Select here all the contacts you want to, to let you discover the new group. A check mark next to each profile picture indicates that you have the contact in the “Group List” included.


Create group: Group members

After the last step now should turn up all selected contacts in the “New Group” window.Now click on “Create” to create the group


Create group: No rights

Has Now anyone really blocked, so you get an error message with the following message: “Failed to add a participant: (Name):. No rights to add this contact



The time stamp can be seen when entering a chat window always on top of the screen under the profile picture. If the status is “Online” does not appear in the chat view, this means among other things that the contact does not have Internet access, it has not opened his WhatsApp for a long time or makes contact. Even the “last seen” status is not visible to blocked contacts. Note: It is not possible to completely stop the timestamp. This means that each of your contacts status “Online” above the chat window looks if you have opened WhatsApp.

More than 1,000 words

The profile picture on WhatsApp is possibly an indication that someone makes to the Messenger service. Because the profile picture updated only when both contacts have been friends of the program. Created a contact, a new image, so WhatsApp automatically update the image – and it seems visible for buddies in the chat view.


Click the Android smartphone on the Menu button to the ” settings display “. On the iPhone, just tap down on the same option.


Now you are in the settings. Now select ” Account to “.


Under “Account” you will see the heading “Privacy” and then turn the “Blocked Contacts” (the iPhone is the “Blocks”) – a list that displays all the blocked contacts.


Press the “Blocked Contacts” menu at the top right the figure with the plus symbol (on iPhone: Edit ). The contacts list opens, and you determine in the next step, whom you want to exclude from the Messenger Android: These contacts are then listed on the list of blocked contacts. Do you want to make the lock operation is canceled, keep a finger on the profile of the disconnecting contact pressed and after a short time the option, with which the contact can be disabled again appears iOS: To unblock blocked contacts again, select Edit above the menu Confirm the release with a tap on the minus icon next to the contact, and then click Sharing .


Receive news from an unknown source and you want to prevent the contact you continue harassed? Select the received message and open it so that chat window.


Are you reached in the chat window, it only requires pressing the “lock” button and you carry the contact to WhatsApp-exile. If the contact is only blocked, neither the recipient you nor the recipient news can see until you release the contact again iPhone users block with “report as spam and block” not only in touch, but report the incident as spam.


If you are not sure if a contact has blocked you, then you can send him a message.When sending to a contact that you blocked, only a check mark next to the chat box will appear. And even if the system has delivered the message does not appear the usual second hook. Reads the recipient sent you message, gives WhatsApp no ​​indication whether he has read or seen them. A sure sign that is not so.

Create group

Another clue supplies may have a different chat feature: create a group and invite the suspected contact. Get then an error message stating that you have no rights to add the contact.

WhatsApp blockade ambiguous

While giving the methods mentioned no watertight information about the true state of the contact, but care still in doubt for a little more clarity WhatsApp has designed on the basis of data protection regulations Contact the blockade intentionally ambiguous.So the service would protect the privacy of the blocking contact, since it is the company not allowed to publish information on the status of WhatsApp user.



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