Top 10 Best Free to Play MMORPGs of 2017

Top 10 Best Free to Play MMORPGs of 2017

Top 10 Best Free to Play MMORPGs of 2017

Hey everyone sticks here today we’re back with another top 10 list this time however we’re looking at some of the best free to play mmorpgs on the market as this is a top 10 video I feel the need to warn you first this is a list of games that we believe are the top 10 free to play mmorpgs available as such you probably disagree with some of them and that’s your right but please be civil about it if you guys enjoy the video don’t forget to Like and subscribe to stay updated with not only future mmorpgs that come out but also other top-10 list that we make coming in at last place

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Number  10.) TERA



in our list is Tara just because we’re listed at the bottom of our list doesn’t mean it’s bad it’s actually quite the opposite honestly both we can i personally love Tara it has some of the most fun combat for us and graphics that we absolutely love gameplay as fast classes are enjoyable and character creation is good enough that we can get character that we can actually stand looking at some people find the action too fast the lack of endgame content all back or funny enough Ellen race being too discomforting to be around well I can understand these concerns the game itself is both fun and enjoyable



Number 9.) DC Universe Online


number nine is DC universe online while a strange pick for our list when we tried the game out we found it to be more enjoyable than we would have initially given it credit for we thought it was a chief cheesy superhero MMO well I mean it is but I don’t mean that in a bad way the game me start off a little slow but it comes into its own fairly fast DC Universe Online has a huge world you’re given to explore fun gameplay and some pretty cheesy yet hilarious dialogue and characters which is great as one of my favorite MMORPG of all-time World of Warcraft banks on the scene silly yet fun


Number 8.) Rift


number eight is rift raft has been around for a while belters and rift launched as pay-to-play titles they both found great success in the free-to-play model rift is one of the closest mmorpgs that you’ll find a world of warcraft sharing a lot of similarities which is a good thing no MMORPG senses made to capture what world of warcraft brought to the mo. world with several trying and failing over the years Rick does manage to capture some of what made World of Warcraft great so if you’re a fan you should definitely consider trying ripped out with rips pretty extensive class customization and ever-increasing world side ripped deserves more attention

Number 7.) Neverwinter

number seven is neverwinter published by perfect world entertainment a company known for their ridiculous cash shop advantages neverwinter somehow managed to find a non-paid went home neverwinter has a nice mixture between traditional tab targeting and fast action combat allowing for some impressively fun gameplay unfortunately neverwinter isn’t as large as it could be which could be because most people prefer open-world sandbox mmorpgs possibly do with subpar endgame or the fact that they don’t trust perfect world entertainment but none of that should deter you from trying it

Number 6.) Age of Conan

number six his age of Conan now in its prime age of Conan was a huge MMORPG however its population has dwindled did what remaining pay-to-play even though their subscriptions were decreasing day-by-day eventually going free-to-play age of Conan never really managed to recover although it’s an amazingly beautiful and detailed MMORPG featuring fast action combat great graphics especially considering when it was made and it’s fairly well done voice acting by today’s standards not to mention the fact that there’s no Peter win PS that plague so many free to play mmorpgs nowadays you have to wonder why it is one of the most populated free-to-play MMORPG on the market right now.Trend of age of canon is going down as dragon city is going quiet popular in the market. Also dragon city hack tools make it more popular as user can now generate unlimited resources.


Number 5.) Aion

now some of you may wonder why I on is this high in our list and frankly it’s because we enjoy it similarly the rift ion takes inspiration from world of warcraft in a good way combat is simple tab targeting but I on allows you to continue combine your skills together just like in Terre which makes it a lot more hands on another traditional tab targeting mmorpgs ion also gives players the ability to fly something most mmorpgs nowadays seem to lack although it has pretty irritating limitations on flight it’s still one of ions best features one of the few good sci-fi mmorpgs available star wars the old republic takes our


number 4.) Star Wars: The Old Republic


spot some people absolutely loathe the free-to-play model and star wars the old republic but we know people who have played through it and enjoy it immensely regardless of which side you’re on star wars the old republic offers players huge open areas to explore while giving you a fun customizable class system and easy fluid tab targeting combat couple with a decent story star wars the old republic should definitely be in your list of free to play mmorpgs if you have yet to try it out coming in at number three


Number 3.) Guild Wars 2

on our list we have guildwars2 now guildwars2 is a little different to other animal RPGs out there being that you’re given large open areas to explore but instead of taking quest from quest hubs you’re given the option to take part in dynamic sporting events about begin and end even if you’re not directly taking part guild wars 2 also has a fairly strong story being much better than most free-to-play MMORPG possibly due to it being paid to play originally combating guild wars 2 is fast and fun giving you a fair amount of customizability over your class depending on what weapon you have equipped currently as well as unique underwater combat skills that both we can I found so much fun you may be wondering why number two


Number 2.) EVE Online

on our list is a pay-to-play game and that’s because of December 2016 EVE Online will finally be going free-to-play we’re uncertain as to what this will mean for players of eve online but we can definitely say that we look forward to use huge universe being available to a much larger audience eve online is a very unique kind of MMORPG it takes place completely in space you don’t control a character instead controlling your ship flying through space mining pirating you know typical space stuff you’re also able to take part insanely huge scale fleet verse fleet battles where you can join your friends and faction mates and do battle against rival fleets for control there’s a large learning curve for eve online however but once you learn how to play you may end up never leaving number one

Number 1.) Lord of the Rings Online

in our list may come off as a bit of a surprise for some people but we believe it deserves a spot the lord of the rings online is one of the most complete more rich world ever created in an MMORPG keyword here being one of the Lord of the Rings Online has beautifully detailed environments along with a fairly well thought-out class system giving you unique classes specific to the race you choose for fans of Garr Tolkien’s work it should be an absolute must for you to play as a lord of the rings online takes you through a variety of recognizable areas while greeting you with familiar characters spread throughout its huge world that ends top 10 hopefully you guys enjoyed it please remember once again but this is our top 10 and therefore definitely will not make your own if you have a difference of opinion wonder why exactly your favorite free-to-play MMORPG isn’t listed here or just want to ask a question and please use the comment section down below we love mmorpgs just like you do and are always willing to discuss literally anything you guys want if you want to stay updated with new mmorpgs coming out want to watch this butcher some older mmorpgs or just want to watch more top ten as we post them.

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