Sea of Thieves Gameplay 2017

sea of thieves

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he got it oh I don’t exactly want which is a standard one gets lucky it was the election gks was the elegant you have to know it was a decidedly non-sexually just that way I over the final chapter that’s very foreboding and never write something of our community for something right I thought putting lights in the captain’s cabin in the captain’s cabin so it’s easy to get if we go thinking again write about it alone and they’ll be picking the last one out exactly who put them there who decided that was my arms and I didn’t want to come on it wasn’t people can’t find one day for ya why did you just throw her under the bus there like that was very good it’s like I just remembered it was my good our driver running process if it’s okay I’m spinning around him we should we should have for you my love with get for so long gold styles is that for a while there is shit on it was shipped to the south and I’m just behind the island it really no publisher my god although yeah they went ahead of us now directly ahead of us directly out of it and obviously that’s not that maybe that’s coordination yeah it’s directly with a girl that’s like everyone else that had shit us first and get lucky lyrics it’s directly relevant to rectify the mistake from before come on which would be to avoid them right away we need to go no it wouldn’t be it would be let’s not screw artists are minute sing them and then let’s get away no parameters but that’s what’s going to happen we kind of bawling on a departmental actually they arguing about head to the right now I’m doing but OK.

I’m glad we got it all under control the process Kevin I didn’t get down that we’re linking OK I’m sorry others about the brains are our brains always we don’t got it now and still without packing now and unsightly held on time yeah you got it you got it we keep hitting on right drop the anchor job anger the anger Johnny anchor drop it right one candidate everyone on Canada broadside as long as we’re not thinking he’ll be okay ever you we’re okay we’re okay ankle-deep water the moving terrible professor what’s been really really good Intel only not that comfortable or just don’t want you out there are only 1000 already there are no catering together it’s the same Chloe oil they’ve completely done it again never leave it my mother on board fuck you coming back oh god oh god oh god OK so the thing can be forgetting to ask Justin area listening by the way I know I ministerial no we don’t please i don’t know that we’re going to go ship I didn’t have a chest when I don’t know whether you have you got it you’ve got to be kidding oh please not the red chest don’t have imagery sure that he just said the guy that kills me to stand up on the ferry of the Damned oh hello yeah but I killed him but like where’s the chest wait let’s take attention can understand not personally thank you stay together bad drugs that are all not only their season connoisseur who took the women came tonight we’ve been gang before anybody have anything they don’t call it was except that all of the last time where wiki trailer such we didn’t get it unbelievable this same cruise through this over twice now this is under what is the point making a game if you can’t be the best of violence set our God that was dreadful what’s up and we really are obviously something happened guy yeah just plan whatever my candy but just barely on the rise of how ya wear hours I’m okay that Got ye I don’t know what I do I’m pointing at this creating this time just flies over there fuck sighs fuck what oh it’s so nice out there for an hour about my now I’ve got my thumbs up if you’re actually check it is it go yeah it is ok but um do you want to head over there a chest opener.

hey I want to do in cannon so that i can hear Cameron’s risk let’s get a chest let’s get up let’s look we want to show treasure six let’s get moving first OK is solid k so need to go southeast even a lot of coincident that’s the way we got into the same connect a bus buddy have you checked on boo yeah but like a common contradiction upset ye said southeast could be explained ways that actually paid with cash don’t fire any kind of don’t fire any counter yes sir let’s be nice okay we need to we need to turn the north-northwest and it got negative is like Northwest them did not place the stuff sacred just depending from my pirate radio got  nice bookshelves nice from where can actually sell OK my life on it OK trying to sell car got let’s get a chance to give us but i want to thank you single bullet back to engage the enemy agents that Megan duck ok so disheartened and I remember writing a response to a gang of anything like that it could be argued that OK actually don’t be like yeah well all going together chest show you going to get it you going to get it has the standard for instance ok they feel command yes not jump down.

the color get on the roof yet but it’s funny story goes like all these great got it or you stole it least we can be we come into being officially you look like it’s pretty sweet much what’s going on he got a tester watch yeah we’ve got incoming outgoing sorry okay come on for you want to go to chase after him and get the ship on board and drop it off it’s like paper which helped build for propelling me wherever not go to the chest and Shadow Man car and on board yet will be met with in their life is literally the tropical park and then we’ll just caliber dropping out of my ass sure your part jump on drop it and then leave yeah I he’s going to do that might be but it’s also interesting night I’ll deliver the package already collaborated they’re right here it’s okay.

I’m going to we’re going to we’re going to we’re all right I’m going I’m going to argue over which we need to repair because I’m technically like you know don’t you dust yourself become very good time .I’m breakdown but I don’t want your whole body but taking a whole lot are you fixing I’m sorry about yeah you going to get well yeah get-get I’m breaking I’m going because alright started intentionally down making averted but like that it’s got a chest the government was Mike in for you are going to get across the bow in her hair back sounds that are apparently to self-repair yeah okay what behold I was right why we’re starting from very different already on ready where what’s up Oh gad have done had I need help I’m going to go shit just got out I’m coming I’m coming on your next part .

i was so excited because of the ship so i live on down below and ama back now I someone would come to come on board it’s very gift to get exposure please encourage my music golden tree just killed like three with my curry up here a stretch where we get good God successive answered sundown out get it we come bearing just a lot of times it’s so good on the wheel hello follow my 50 that leave it out of it struck him that God yeah it’s yours yes it’s yours together enjoy back yep spend it wisely spending wisely about is left of a liar dollars.

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