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Dodge Demon

how’s it going everyone today we’re going to be talking about the latest dodge demon news so much new information has been released well the dodge demon go a quarter mile and ten and a half seconds and what do these mysterious numbers mean well in this article I’m going to be fully analyzing each of the new dodge demon article and I also have some very exciting news to share with you Dodge has invited me to see the demon in New York City.

ten people were selected to see the event and I was one of the lucky ones they invited I’ll give you more details later in the article but first let’s take a look at the latest dodge demon articles so at the beginning of the article we see a close-up of the demon suspension we then here the supercharger whine and the demon takes off and at the end of the article we see this mysterious photo and that’s all we see but what exactly does it mean well first let’s look at so shocked what you’re seeing is the first ever factory suspension designed specifically for drag races this was achieved by increasing the compression in the rear shop and by installing click reacting springs along with some soft front shop by designing a suspension this way.

the car will launch incredibly well so not only does the demon have drag radial tires but it also has a suspension dedicated to drag racing but there’s something in this article that has people some it’s these mysterious numbers that appear on the drag strip the numbers are 13 and a half equals 575 at 500 no one is quite sure what this means but there are some theory one theory is that when the supercharger gives 13.5 pounds of foods the car will make five hundred seventy-five pounds foot of torque at 500 rpm another theory is that 575 is how much horsepower the demon will make when using the black keys and for those of you who don’t know the demon will most likely come with two keys one black and one red the black key restricts the power output of the car while the red key unleashes all the power from the cause I’d like to hear what you guys think this means it was obviously put there for a reason but only time will tell what it actually means so the suspension that’s been designed to work well on the drag strip for what else has been specifically designed for the drag strip in this next article.

we see a man at the drag strip about ready to launch his demons the lights change and he takes off we then see a differential housing the under body of the car in a drive shaft the man continues to drive his demon as fast he can we then see a half shaft and a demon logged harness bar the articles that ends by showing us the parts put together and that’s the entire article but what does it mean well let’s go back to the beginning of the article the reason this man took off so well is because the demon is equipped with launched Estes one of the hardest parts of getting a good launch is dealing with wheel hop wheel hop happens when the tires quickly flip and then regain traction while at launch this is very hard on your car and it can cause damage to the drive line but Dodge has got you covered not only has the drive line been designed to handle a large torque capacity .

the car also comes with launch assist this means that if the tires start to flip the demons control module will momentarily reduce engine torque to maximize the traction with launch assist and those drag radial tires this car is going to be unstoppable but let’s not forget about the last part of the article a company known as speed logic’s will be making a 4-point harness bar to be used at the track dodge says that this harness part will be easy to install all of the mounting points will be accessible and customers won’t have to make modifications to make the harness bar fit another sure sign that Dodge is in it to win it now if only we knew how much power this team is going to make well hold on to your hats folks this new article shows us how much power the demon will make the driver caps the dyno tab and begins to accelerate the two graphs that you see are the horsepower and the RPM the car continues to accelerate but then the screen gets distorted it then cuts to the wheel spinning and shows us the speed going faster and faster why can’t we go back in the demon I want to see that power chart the car comes to a stop but the power chart is not on the screen all we see is the coolant temperature slowly going down but that’s not the end of the article in the last five seconds multiple performance pages show up on the screen but they went by so fast you may not have noticed this one little detail wait for it there do you see it it’s the deny chart that got chopped out in the article and these are the results now if we look closely we can see that the peak horsepower was around 750 and wouldn’t you know it look at the top of the screen the time is 757 which happens to be the same number.

we saw on the demons crate we’ll talk more about the crate in a minute now dodge have said that everything in these articles means something and that nothing is done by mistake so I think it’s safe to say that based off of this chart the demon will make 757 rear-wheel horsepower and it looks like the torque will be close to 750 as well now there’s a couple other things I’d like to point out the very first page shows us that the demon zero to sixty time will be three seconds flat and on the next page we see the quarter-mile time is ten and a half seconds that is really good I think what’s most impressive about this is that the demon can be customized based off your driving preferences and it’ll be nice having access to that real time data now let’s talk about the dodge demon crate a while back I showed you guys a article .

about the demons crate but we didn’t know what was all inside as it turns out all the tools are going to be custom made by snap on and they’re all going to teach her the demon logo the tools included are a cordless impact driver a torque wrench hydraulic lift and a tire pressure gauge they also include this nice carrying bag and fender cover to protect the paint while you’re working under the hood now there are some other parts in the crate but Dodge hasn’t told us what those other parts are what we do know is that there will be some factory demon wheels included and dodge says that the rest of the items will be a part of the demon track tax system so we’re just going to have to wait and see what those other parts are now there’s one more thing I’d like to share with you this past Monday dodge invited me to come to New York City and see the demon revealed just ten people were invited I was one of the lucky ones they chose after I provided them my email I got the official invitation and guys I can’t tell you how excited I am this is going to be amazing the 10 fans will get a behind-the-scenes look at the Challenger and we’ll also get to meet with the SRT team members so essentially it’s a VIP event that I get to be a part of and I just want to thank you guys for watching my articles because without your support none of this would have been possible now this isn’t happening until April eleventh but you can guarantee that I’ll make an article documented my experience so that i can share it with you guys again thanks so much for all your support and I’ll see you guys real soon.

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