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How to Text from a Computer

nothing beats typing with a full-blown keyboard even though touch screens have got more responsive and just better in general typing with two thumbs will never be typing with ten fingers interestingly enough I’m not the only person that agrees with that there’s a few app developers and even Apple themselves that share the

Samsung Galaxy series drop test S6 vs S5 vs S4 vs S3 vs S2 vs S1

What is up guys tech racks years on this video we got every Samsung Galaxy series Device we’ve got the s-1 the S to the s3 VS for the s5 and the s6 all near Perfect condition 9.5 at the least i would say we’re going to drop testing

Apple Music Is that the Spotify rival?

Apple lets the cat out of the bag and is at WWDC Apple Music a music streaming service before, the Spotify & Co. is the fear of God. ULTIMATE TECH NEWS has all information about prices, features and scope.

Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 6S functions, gossip Release

iPhone 7 and / or iPhone 6S come probably 2015. But what features offer the Apple smartphone? ULTIMATE TECH NEWS summarizes the numerous rumors and presents exclusive design concepts.
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