Top 10 Websites You Should Never Visit

Top 10 Websites You Should Never Visit

Today I’m giving you some friendly advice as to where not to go in this crazy playground we call the internet so big warning for you the first three are safe for work but the last seven let’s just say that absolutely not so even want this is the top 10 websites you should never visit and please just don’t go there in at.

Top 10 Websites You Should Never Visit

Top 10 Websites You Should Never Visit


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Number 10

Number 10 we have the world’s worst website ever. com I mean does what it says on the tin warning do not visit this website if you like nice smooth user-friendly slickly designed websites or if you’re epileptic the world’s worst website ever is a premillennial looking at nightmare ever wondered what websites look like before we figured out the internet i would say check this out but really just save yourself during its kind of horrible so there’s whimsically scrolling text color words on retina burning backgrounds clipart rudimentary gifts and many flashing images although I have to say in my opinion they could have gone further with a mouse that child stars or hearts as you moved it anyone remember those great good times getting a little bit more serious that

Number 9

number 9 we have the Dethclock so I don’t care what kind of Rue du stuff some of you may believe in by refuse to believe that computer-generated random response Dethclock can accurately predict the date of my death you know what I don’t even want to know the date of my death even if it is accurate like what I actually going to do with that information nonetheless the website Dethclock claims to be able to accurately predict the date that you’re going to die now what I’m sure that the predictions are totally on point you can choose between various options for your prediction you can just optimistic sadistic pessimistic i recommend not picking sadistic if you do find yourself in this website as you really shouldn’t put that kind of thing on yourself don’t visit they do it .

Number 8

number 8 we have the magic 8-ball so a lot like the Death clock the magic 8-ball pretends to be able to guide your life so it’s basically a lot like these eight balls that you get in life which you give a good shake and ask a question like does you like me and the ball gives you a whole load of SAP’s for example sources say no and all of your dreams are literally crushed you shake again and you get a completely different answer so a skateboard net is a lot like that but a website you type in your question hit enter and it gives you the usual sassy able answer it claims to be able to make your decisions easier but if you need an able to make your decisions he also need to check yourself also it can get very creepy for example i asked if he knows where I live and it said it is certain this next website also definitely knows where you live and is sending someone to find you another little warning guys were done with borderline acceptable staff get ready for like this seriously creepy freaky stick and vile stuff

  Number 7

number 7 we have taken this lollipop the website take this lollipop cares you take a shiny blue and I’m guessing raspberry flavored lollipop which obviously you do because Molly that by taking a lollipop you share your Facebook details with the site your then greeted with a really creepy corridor followed by an even creepier guy browsing your Facebook photo and messages is very sweaty for some reason or another his fingers are kind of gross and he seems to be getting a sick tortured pleasure from creeping you he then gets up and gets in his car presumably to find you and preview in real life are the video then ends with a red lollipop with a razor in it now the whole thing is actually a propaganda film by Jason soda who wanted to warn people of the perilous results of sharing too much detail on the internet i feel you Jason oh really gross

 Number 6

number 6 we have rotten. com so rotten . Com appears to those with a morbid sense of curiosity the site reads the soft white underbelly of the net eviscerated for all to see rotten. com collect images and information from many sources to present the viewer with a truly unpleasant experience for example you can browse pictures of dismemberment severed hands knife fights disembowelment it all gets pretty gross and category is not safe for work / life in general why would you look at that stuff doesn’t get worse unfortunately yes

Number 5

Number 5 we have raped my poo. com ok because I have to make this video I had to go on some of these websites to tell you that you have to not go on them and unfortunately this is one I really wish I had never seen I’m not sure I’m ever going to forget it great my poo . com is a website where you can literally do just that great other people’s pies and get them to rate yours basically you take a picture of it uploaded people can get a score of 1 out of 10 and then you can do the same with other people’s blah so this boat scares and confuses me I’m concerned i know a few people who would actually really enjoy this site sick people oh speaking of stick I really actually now want to vomit but I won’t because I bet there’s a website called rate my vomit and I just don’t want to be on it.

Number 4

number 4 we have four Chan a 4chan is generally a much darker and more anonymous version of read it isn’t a legal per se but it does get pretty dark and I would absolutely recommend that you steer well clear a bit on 4chan anything-goes which is kind of the problem you literally don’t know what you’re going to find someone may be leading a group of idiots into microwave and then you iPhones was another will be posting a picture of a freshly murdered body which is exactly what happens when a knot in Washington post a picture of a woman he strangled in November 2015 so you don’t actually need to go on there to see and do bad things not all 4chan users are the devil unfortunately the anonymity of the site has allowed for nude celebrity picture leaks child porn animal abuse threats of violence and cyber bullying I for one would not want to be associated with site that allows that to happen

Number 3

number 3 we have silk road so to be honest you’ll probably never find yourself here and if you did you would have to want to find it a lot it’s actually very difficult to come across silk road is a dark website that allows you to buy and sell drugs as well as if the allegations are true hired hetman to kill people on your behalf the initial Silk Road which labeled itself as an anonymous marketplace was created by William orbit and was run on tor hidden services so users can browse anonymously the FBI later seized the site and still grow too . i was created and then shut down again so there is still a silk road but our advice would be do not try to find it next up something that you really never to see

Number 2

number 2 we have blue want to see a picture of an infected gangrenous looking moist lady part no I thought not probably then don’t visit blue so what is the vilest of all of the websites that you should never visit guess it’s kind of hard to pick but this next one really made me the saddest .

Number 1

number 1 I’m sad to say this exists is / watch people die so this is totally sick and what is worrying is that there are over a hundred and twenty thousand subscribe to readers to this subredit here is a place that uses come to find video footage of people as they die the number one rule of the subredit is i quote there must be a person not an animal actually dying in the link pretty self-explanatory moderators can and will remove posts at their own discretion if it’s apparent that no one died in your submission so one example of a post here is a man who was crushed in a scooter accident his beating heart can be seen boys are extremely disturbing is that you can also post request as to the type of death you would like to see next so ultimately I find all of this I’ll bit much and I really don’t think that any of you guys should visit any of these websites there yeah not nice do you guys have any suggestions of websites that we should stay away from let me know in the comments section down below .

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