Samsung Galaxy series drop test S6 vs S5 vs S4 vs S3 vs S2 vs S1

What is up guys tech racks years on this video we got every Samsung Galaxy series

Device we’ve got the s-1 the S to the s3 VS for the s5 and the s6 all near

Perfect condition 9.5 at the least i would say we’re going to drop testing

Samsung Galaxy series drop test S6 vs S5 vs S4 vs S3 vs S2 vs S1

Samsung Galaxy series drop test S6 vs S5 vs S4 vs S3 vs S2 vs S1

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Every one of these you guys really seemed to enjoy the every generation

IPhone drop test so I’ve got the every generation galaxy series dropped as

Starting from the s-1 and again all of these guys are fully working some

Brand-new s2 we’ve got the s3 we’ve got the s4

We’ve got the beautiful s5 and of course the galaxy s6 now one thing you do want

To note on this as six is there’s a couple blemishes and that’s not any

Surface area or cosmetic damage

That’s just on the top of the search on the screen because of that microwave

Video so it’s not removable but as far as that frame all of these devices are

Completely in great condition

So let’s see which one will be the strongest again sigh drop test and

Front-facing dropped us without any further ado guys let’s go ahead and do


Ok guys so first of all we’re going to be side drop testing the Samsung galaxy

S 1 the original we’re going to be doing this in three two one go

Okay guys we’re going to take a quick look at what happened on the side drop

Test for the Samsung galaxy s 1


Samsung galaxy s 1 Test

So right off the bad check that out you could see that scuffing on that bottom

Left hand corner

As far as the display still fully working and the back seems pretty good


No scratches are the back isn’t popping out or anything

And all the other corners even seem to do pretty well as as well so just that

Left hand corner for that drop test

From facing drop test for the s-1 let’s do this in three two one

Ok guys we got some crazy results look at that

Let me take a closer look here’s the device completely shattered and we see

The back cover

Popped off however everything is still intact and the phone does work


Phone doesn’t work so let us move on to the galaxy s2

Ok guys galaxy s2 we’re going to side drop test this in three two one

Ok guys so galaxy s2 side drop test results



Galaxy s2 test

Let’s take a closer look here’s most of the scuffing from that drop it flew kind

Of off camera display still works perfectly fine as far as the back looks

Pretty good

We do have a little bit of scuffing on this area too

But as far as the phone itself still works perfectly fine

Galaxy s2 front-facing drop test

This is it let’s do this in three two one that did not look good let’s take a

Closer look

Let’s see what we have here

Ok so not as bad as ds1 we still have a cracked screen fix actually not it’s not

That bad at all really just this left part of the screen

Okay we do have some crack lines going across the entire screen actually but

Still not too bad and phone still works

You can still use it to do whatever you want to do as far as the back the back


Just pop it back in

It looks as good as new I mean used at galaxy s3 side drop test

Let’s do this in 321

Galaxy s3 Test

So let’s take a look at the s3 side results take the phone looks like the

Screen looks good and that’s ok so back side cover as you see just slightly

Popped off just examining the corners just a little bit of scuffing but

Nothing on each of the corners but nothing too significant and again

Nothing to affect the phone or the display so what you would expect from

Typical we’re from a side drop test galaxy s3 front-facing drop test

Let’s do this in 321

Right on the screen let’s take a look

Ps3 from facing drop who that is pretty deadly

Let’s go ahead and take a look try to power this thing on holding the power

The power button

I’m not getting any results so seems like the screen on this one just died

Completely shattered as far as the corners again

It landed on its front so you’re not going to see anything there but this

Device is pretty much done so we’re going to give it a few minutes and then

See fit we’ll see fit anything up pops up some life maybe but that’s it for the s3 drop


Ok guys moving on we got the galaxy s4 side drop test in 3 2 1


Galaxy s4 Test

Galaxy s4 let’s take a look

No cracks on the screen again back cover is trying to come off but easily popped

Back in

Let’s take a look as far as the corners actually let look pretty good so as far

As the side drop test I feel like this one survived the best maybe it’s just

Because it kind of landed on his back

I don’t know I didn’t really get to see but phone works perfectly fine and not

Too much of any scuffing at all

Galaxy s4 front-facing drop test

Let’s go ahead and do this in three two one

Ok s4 front-facing drop test

What happened of course?

Let’s take a closer look

Screen completely shattered still works perfectly fine but we have a crack

Display as far as the corners again

No significant damage their screen is cracked

Now we’ve got the galaxy s5 we’re going to side drop test this in three two one

Let’s take a look


Galaxy s5 Test

Galaxy s5 side drop test results

So look at that marking right there again on that left-hand corner over here

Screen still works no visible cracks taking a look at the back looks good

Other corners look good as well so just one

Ok just one minor marking on the on that corner right here so and then again the

Cover did try and come off

Galaxy s5 front-facing drop test let’s do this

In three two one go

Galaxy s5 from facing results let’s take a look

Ok so front facing screen is shattered completely does the device still work

And turn on

Yes it does let’s take a look at the back looks good again the screen try to

Pop off could put that back in so we have a damaged galaxy s5

Let’s move on finally we have the galaxy s6 side drop test

This is the gold variant let’s do this in three two one

Ok so we landed way over here

Let’s take a lo a closer look

Looks good

I mean besides those microwave marks here

Let’s take a look at the corners ok we have a little bit of scuffing they’re

Actually survived pretty well for the side drop test and a little bit there

I’m surprised to see no cracks or shatters on both of the glass sides the

Front and the back so let’s move on the galaxy s5 front-facing drop test

This is it let’s do this in 321

Ok guys so that wasn’t exactly flat on its front a little bit balancing but

Let’s take a look right on the frame and yes it is what you would expect screen

Is still entirely shattered doesn’t work yes it will but uh that is pretty much

It again we’re not drop testing on its back

But that was for the front drop test and no again nothing too significant or you

Know as far as the frame has an altered too much but there we have the galaxy s6

Front-facing drop test

Ok guys the final summary of all these drop test I think it is very safe to say

That neither Samsung nor apple has significantly proven that they can

Change the displays of their phone

Taking a look at the s2 which I feel actually survived the best as we check

The extent of the damages right there and actually very similar to the s-1 if

You like both of these devices

I found it very funny almost looks like a mountain as far as the crack lines

They go like this here on the s-1 but over here it’s just the opposite


So if you take a look it almost looks

I just found it you know pretty interesting to wait both of these crack

As three completely dead and gone and then a spark

You know I can’t even get it on at all shatters everywhere s4 s5 s6 pretty much

Equally damaged and I found that very surprising with that.


Galaxy S6 Test

S6 you know Gorilla Glass 4 you would imagine you would have a little bit less

Cracks but it’s just on par with both of these so that’s going to be a good

Question for the future you know are we going to see some screens that won’t

Crack in the next few years are we going to have phones that will just have a

Couple shots when dropped on directly on its front but as far as right now I

Don’t see much progress again here is the s6 completely shattered.

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