Best Budget Tech September 2016: Tech” under $10

So pretty much every time I make a best tech Article I’ll have at least five or

Six people tell me i learned this stuff is way too expensive

Now bear in mind it is really hard to find good tech products under 10$

and I didn’t just want to show you guys a little rubbish to consider

This more of a call stuff and 10$  because it’s a little bit

Different but I think you’ll like it nonetheless

Mini Drone

Mini Drone

Mini Drone


Best Tech under $25

Best Tech under $100

Best Budget Tech: Under 30$

Drones are all over the shop these days everyone seems to want one but for a lot

Of people do either too expensive too bulky or can be flown indoors and that’s

A problem

Welcome to the chair since ex10 a drone that fits into the palm of your hand

It’s absolutely tiny but considering its size it’s surprisingly well built fast

Agile and easy to control so thoroughly recommended so as.

Jinhao Pen

Jinhao Pen

Jinhao Pen

I mentioned earlier

This is not taking the traditional sense but this is the Jintao golden dragon

Fountain pen and out seven dollars i think it’s an absolute steal because

It’s one of the best fountain pens I’ve ever used not only does it look and feel

Like it cost at least fifty dollars but it comes in a presentation box it right

Smooth as butter it’s refillable and takes pretty much any ink cartridge and

To be honest guys this is my favorite kind of product to find it’s refreshing

And it just reminds you how much all these big companies tried to squeeze out

Of you.

Earphones (Closest Alternative)

Earphones (Closest Alternative)

Earphones (Closest Alternative)

So then we have the ear pods design their friends and no it’s not an official

Apple product doesn’t even try to be it’s a company that sort of taken a

Serious amount of inspiration from apple and added their own design Flair now to

Be honest I think the only they have changed the color scheme doesn’t even

Work that well but considering the price they actually sound quite similar to

Apple’s own the remote feels a little bit less solid the cable feels a little

Bit less durable but overall guys considering that huge price difference

Another sound is actually very similar

I’d say this is a goodbye .


Poppin Cookin

Poppin Cookin

Poppin Cookin

number four is a really strange one but it’s probably

My favorite on the list

It’s by commonly called crazy and they’ve got a sort of branded products

Called poplin cooking and it allows you to make your own meals using just powders

And water so the meals are actually really sophisticated for example now I’m

Making pizza with various different toppings and fries

So you combine the powders with the water and you do different things that

Some require microwaving some require mixing some require needing but more

Impressively they taste exactly what you’d expect to pizza to or whatever

Corresponding dish you’re making because they literally have about 40 different

Options not quite tech very cool so this might seem pretty basic but this.

Wooden Stand : Wooddock for Smartphone, Iphone, Galaxy Wood Phone Dock Stand/Holder – Single Phone Or Tablet

Wooden Stand : Wooddock for Smartphone, Iphone, Galaxy Wood Phone Dock Stand/Holder - Single Phone Or Tablet

Wooden Stand : Wooddock for Smartphone, Iphone, Galaxy Wood Phone Dock Stand/Holder – Single Phone Or Tablet

Wouldn’t stand for your smartphone has saved me so much hassle

I kind of use it for a lot of the shots i take when I’m holding the phone art

Don’t physically want to be holding it until that it looks premium as well so

Just kind of sitting on the desk

It’s a good way to do.

Lightsaber Chopsticks :CHOP SABERS

Lightsaber Chopsticks :CHOP SABERS

Lightsaber Chopsticks :CHOP SABERS

Your smartphone now I’m not sure I’ve told you guys this but I actually have a

Bit of an obsession with chopsticks and knowing this one my friends bought this

Is a gift and I instantly fell in love with it so inspired by star wars they

Basically lifesavers that you use as chopsticks then lightweight they’re

Clear and they’re pretty easy to use but more importantly like any

Self-respecting light saber they light up made by these as a set of two you get to

Read and two blue ones so you can deal with your partner or friend or your pet

If you wanted to




So for those of you who wanted to stand up your smartphone but kind of wanted a

More robust all-around solution

There’s the eyeing so this is an external metal ring you can buy and it

Uses a decent to stick on the back of your smartphone inside the box also gets

This little handles which you can stick on to anything so you can basically

Having a phone from any flat surface

It also means you can watch movies in any orientation and it was rigid enough

So that I felt comfortable touching the smartphone screen even when it was stood

Up like this and the final feature is that you can also use it to stop you

Dropping your phone but after they personally I found a bit uncomfortable

To hold like that so then we’ve got an absolute must.

5 Port Charger

5 Port Charger

5 Port Charger

This is a 5-4 USB charger and ten dollars i was quite impressed because it

Does actually support quick charge 2.0 so not only can you charge 5 smartphones

At the same time but also charged them $MONEY seventy-five percent faster than

Its standard charger it’s built pretty well

Feels pretty solid and it’s small enough to take wherever you go so no complaints

There so there we have it guys that was best tech under ten dollars? I hope you

Enjoy the video and if you did be sure to properly like and hit that subscribe

Button that would really helping out and as soon as a boss and I’m signing out



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