Windows 10: This functions are missing!

On July 29, 2015 get free many users Windows 10. However, some functions fall in fresh system away unfortunately.ULTIMATE TECH NEWS reveals which – and presents a software package that brings the most important innovations in Windows 7, and 8.

Old braids cut off: Microsoft gets rid of menu items and standard tools. ULTIMATE-TECH-NEWS clarifies and identifies top tools that your old system spendieren cool Windows 10 features.

Old braids cut off: Microsoft gets rid of menu items and standard tools. ULTIMATE-TECH-NEWS clarifies and identifies top tools that your old system spendieren cool Windows 10 features.

In many ways, Windows 10 attractive: a more modern design, running in windows apps, maximizing windows with animation and not least the free distribution to existing customers in the first year are clear advantages. Amidst all the euphoria one might overlook the disadvantages: Various functionalities of Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 are eliminated. ULTIMATE TECH NEWS has put together the painted features and lists tips and tools to create the remedy – when possible. Based on the overview, you can weigh as early as now, whether a switch pays off for you. If you want to wait with the transition: At the end of the article you will find the best free programs , the 7 or 8 (.1) provide the proven Windows with the coolest Windows 10-innovations. With disadvantages you need not so grapple, but you can enjoy almost all the advantages.


Windows Media Center

Per Windows Media Center to send multimedia files to other devices on the home network, also you hereby receive radio and TV content, and draw on. While the board means is integrated in Windows Vista and 7, it no longer belongs to Windows 8 (.1) -Lieferumfang. You can use the tool only after a payment of 159.99 euros. Even surcharge wants Microsoft WMC users of Windows 10 does not provide. Solution: In Windows Media Center, there have long standstill, Microsoft has released the tool for years not evolved. With still maintained Alternative Software go equally well – or better. Suitable replacement tools provides the article ” Windows Media Center: these are the best alternatives “before.


Manual Updates

Since hardly anyone Windows 7 Professional / Ultimate or Windows 8 Pro uses, most users will receive a free upgrade to Windows 10 Home. Not too concrete information on the part of Microsoft suggest that the company wants to deny the home users to disable the automatic installation of updates. System enhancements include the gaping security holes, fix bugs or add features, find their way with no user intervention on the PC. Even in the current Windows 10-prerelease found in the update dialog no switch to disable the automatic update. Under Windows 10 Pro / Enterprise should update facilities of so-called rings be controllable. Solution: Should prove true that the normal user updates can no longer refuse the fears, that would be a strong loss of control. In the past, Microsoft has already released several updates problem that create new vulnerabilities or cause blue screens. One approach would be to paralyze the Windows Update feature. You should temporarily make at best, since update installations are essential for safety reasons. If you exhaust the update Bordmittel and turn around again once a month, you are not released from rashly, affected faulty updates. To turn off, open the Services dialog using the Windows key and R and the command services msc . Click here twice on the Windows Update and select entry behind Startup Type , select Disabled . To confirm on Apply and OK button.


DVD playback function

The already in XP An included Windows Media Player is also part of Windows 10. As with Windows 8 but it works not to play DVD movies. The purpose necessary MPEG-2 codec (more precisely decoder) saves Microsoft what the license costs. While the new system with data DVDs still knows how to handle any problems, not even provide playback of video content on the DVD format, a hurdle even via chargeable Windows Media Center Pro is the playback functionality can be retrofitted.. Solution: DVDs plays your PC again when To install a codec pack. We recommend the K-Lite Codec Pack . A lower system load goes with VLC Media Player is associated. This playback software plays innately almost everything from, even content in archive files.


Gadgets on the desktop

Among the new features of Vista were the gadgets, also known under the name of gadgets and widgets. It’s little helpers for the desktop, the show there, the time, the current date, a weather forecast, or games. Windows 7 support gadgets innately still (but no Sidebar has said tank bar installed more), its successor Windows 8 not. Microsoft is consistent and builds support in Windows 10 does not again. For two reasons: according to the supplier of gadgets First, from a security risk. Second, the Group would thus not make itself competitive; in Windows 8 and 10, the Redmond want to make namely with Apps checkout. Solution: In the Store app from Windows 8/10 You can find many programs that are functionally more than equivalent. Those who wish to never be separated from the Gadgets, accesses 8 Gadget Pack .The analog clock characteristic of Vista and a puzzle with the Tukan from a Vista wallpaper is also on board as a weather indicator. Who does not like the sidebar, it includes a right-click option; the design of gadgets then corresponds to that of Windows 7. Considering also comes Thoosje Windows Sidebar 8 , which also brings a wide range of auxiliary tools.



In a variety of open windows you lose track. At least a little help is because the Flip3D function is: It’s in Windows 7 and Vista, but no longer in Windows 8 (.1) – not just in the tenth Microsoft system. Thanks Flip3D you see by using the key combination Windows and Tab a three-dimensional overview of all open windows. Who holding down the Windows logo key and thereby multiple taps tab, scroll through the preview and so brings a specific window to the front. In Windows 8 (.1) and 10 opens using the access key a less visually stunning 2D view. Solution: Including Windows Vista and 7 adds Win Flip a three-dimensional window preview. Really useful is the tool until Windows 8; The display is something worse than the original Microsoft, but better than nothing – so trying all fans is recommended. By the way: The widespread on the Internet hint that one could in Windows unlock the Flip3D view again 8 Pro via the Group Policy Editor, is wrong; even under Windows 10 Pro displays the recommendation no effect. It is best to leave it alone equal.


Windows DVD Maker

Ceased to exist with Windows 8 (.1) is the Windows DVD Maker, which as expected with Windows celebrates 10 no comeback. Who uses Windows 7 and will change to 10, the tool might miss. It allows you to create wizard via a video DVD with multimedia files of different types. Solution: To produce movie disks that work for all common DVD players, is recommended as an alternative DVD Flick . The program accepts various video file types, including the container format MP4, AVI and MOV. The converts it reliably to the MPEG-2 format. Thanks burning function eliminates downloading an add-on software to convey the contents to a blank disc.


Performance Index

From a scale from 1.0 to 7.9 (Windows 7) or from 1 to 9.9 (Windows 8 and 8.1) indicates the performance index as fast potter your PC components. The following applies: The higher the displayed values, the better. Introduced with Vista function systems, among others, to identify a SSD hard drive as such and disable malicious background automatics like Super fetch. In Windows 8.1 and 10, the technique for evaluating the computer components is still present, however, the performance index evaluation window is missing. Solution:Install Win Experince Index . A simple evaluation works again. At the command line and Power Shell evade unnecessary way. A guide explains how the operation works. In it you will also find information on how the performance check via keyboard commands without the additional program proceeds. Another product is a how you manipulate the benchmark results of the performance index as needed.


Print function of the performance index

Nice additional function of the performance index: By clicking on Detailed view and print performance and system information tools that brings the key PC key data on paper. This also includes the number of reviews components such as processor, memory or graphics card. Advantage compared to MSinfo32 tool, which also belongs to the system of delivery: The data appears printed compact and clear. Solution: Perhaps you satisfy the hardware report, the MSinfo32 prints. Tap the program name in the search box in the Start menu or in the Run dialog. This starts via the Windows key and R . With Ctrl and P you initiate printing.


System Health Report

Up to and including Windows 8, since Windows 8.1 (.1) no longer, the system health report is part of the system. He uncovers within one minute safety and speed problems. Sometimes the test pulls back slightly longer than promised, COMPUTER they estimated, for example 61 seconds. In a guide the editorial explains how the board means work. Solution: If the Windows 10 Preview Insider are difficulties in operation no problem, after all, is this pre-release testing. If you have switched on the final product, you should not be too strongly intervene in the system and avoid software experiments possible. Prevents problems before also, who installed a powerful antivirus software and not indiscriminately clicks on links on the Internet. Before major system changes that create a System Restore point is recommended. These measures make a problem analysis superfluous. Suppresses but once the shoe, you will find out by Resource Monitor or reliability monitoring, why. The tools start by the Windows key and R and press resmon or perfmon / rel enter.


Floppy support

According to Microsoft, are floppy disk drives (floppy) no longer appropriate. In the result, the developer cut the old braid and remove the support for this old storage medium. Due to many complaints in the Manufacturer’s Forum promised a Microsoft employee, nachzuliefern the floppy functionality. Without suitable driver, you see error messages – and a data access is not possible. Solution: According to the latest specifications of the group users to download the latest drivers via Windows Update or from the manufacturer of the USB floppy drive. To update function it comes via the start menu search command wuapp . If you find only one driver for a Windows predecessor on the Internet, try so that the start-up.If the installation fails, perform the installation by right-clicking and treating compatibility problems of the compatibility mode. Who uses Windows 10 64-bit and has a not part of Microsoft certified drivers are loaded, can not install it if possible. Remedy manages to disable the driver signature check of the system kernel. Open this from the command line with administrator privileges by the Start menu by cmd looking and Ctrl , Shift and Enterpress, and type the command bcdedit / set testsigning no one. The simplest alternative: Instead of floppy memory an external USB hard drive or a USB flash drive, both of which provide significantly more capacity.


Windows games

Rumor builds in Microsoft Windows 10, both the games “Solitaire” and “Spider Solitaire” again. It seems certain that not, perhaps comes without Windows 10 games. Even the supposedly integrated “Candy Crush” might not belong to the standard tools. Microsoft would remain true to his line when no games find their way into the system: Such Entertainment have the Redmond developers already banished with Windows 8. Solution:Solitaire, Spider Solitaire, Minesweeper, Hearts, Chess Titans, Purble Place: The range of games, belonging to the Windows-supplied, is large. The solitaire games, there is no alternative that completely optically zoom comes to the Windows 7 Original; Microsoft offers a possible replacement even with the Solitaire Collection . Who style card game in XP optics preferred trying the XP mode in VMLite get up and running. Recommended also is 123 Free Solitaire , which offers a modern ribbon interface and visual customization options. The game of chess from Windows Vista / 7 is replaced Jose .


Games Explorer

In order to bundle the games that were integrated into the system, the developer Vista and Windows 7 already gave the Games Explorer. Even installed games immerse therein also. The start menu entry and the Bordmittel window missing already in Windows 8, the same applies to Windows 10. Retrofitting succeed at least in Windows 8 with unofficial tricks where the security is not clarified. In the Games app in Windows 10, which lists Xbox games, many users see no equivalent substitute. Solution: When managing specially set up games helps a simple folder: Since Windows 7, you use the fast with Ctrl , Shift and N on. Click with the right mouse button on game directory on properties and under Customize on Change Icon , enter the element nor a personal touch. Promote linkages of all games into it, manages the access future comfortable.


OneDrive client for the desktop

Microsoft points out that when you upgrade the existing OneDrive application disappears from the system and through the cloud feature included in Windows 10 (Inbox version) will be replaced. The previous OneDrive client is about as part of the software package Windows Live Essentials available and allows a particularly easy access to Microsoft’s online storage in Windows Explorer. Because the software is currently being redeveloped, it works in Windows 10 is expected differently than before. Solution: According to Internet reports are not all Windows 10 features the launch of the Windows 8 successor ready. These therefore include, among others OneDrive. If the software is missing and fails the OneDrive installation via Live Essentials suite, you make do with alternative software. The convenient access to web space has SDExplorer prescribed which OneDrive support among others. Emergency access via browser on Outlook to; uploading and downloading does not succeed quite as comfortable here.


Different colored window titlebar

Green, silver, blue Luna design, gray in classic look: These colors were Windows XP users for upper window edges (title bar) are available. Was significantly greater choice with Windows Vista and 7, also are on Windows 8 (.1) many color styles selectable. With Windows 10 changes the: In the pre-release only 10130 a white accent is ready. Solution: Wait for specific themes, the Windows 10 to impose a different look. Otherwise, basically makes the contrast mode for a different color. Nice to look at that is not, but a change is associated unequivocally. Tip: Google’s Chrome browser, there is a extension that allows for better representation in contrast mode is active within the Google program. Frequently Chrome automatically offers to install.


Transparency of the window titlebar

Innovation demonstrated in Microsoft Windows Vista and 7, among others, with the Aero theme. While the Aero Basic theme does not support transparency effects in window title bars and taskbar, the Aero-Glass design language comes up with this visual finesse – to use a current (non-VGA) graphics card driver duty. The translucent title bars of windows fell away with Windows 8; Although the standing in the wings next tile system provides also a taskbar with wallpaper as if through a frosted glass, but no corresponding upper window edges.Solution: If 8 the so-called contrast mode activated under Windows and carried out a number of other steps that missing transparency brought back. In Windows 10 the ULTIMATE TECH NEWS in a counselor works procedure described no longer. Transparency effects are the new Microsoft product with Aero Glass (Windows 8.1 & 10) retrofit: Install the software with the default settings, windows are translucent at the edges – but it comes to ugly graphical errors that prevent Windows 7 Flaire. Uninstalling normalizes the appearance again.


Aero Glass and Aero Basic Design

Since Windows 8 there is a unit design, two strong similar designs as in Windows Vista and 7 no longer exist. While you could choose earlier, if you wanted to use the transparent Aero-glass or the power-saving, but less pretty and auskommende without animations Aero Basic interface, one is 8, and 10 tied to Windows, a standard design. Solution: Wait design packages for Windows 10, the breath of fresh air. By contrast mode you change the appearance desired radical, but this is hardly suitable for everyday use. Who wants to try it, find in a guide all the necessary information.


Charms bar to shut down

It is regarded as unpopular, but has its fans: the Charms bar in Windows 8. If you move here the cursor to the upper right or lower right of the screen, this sidebar appears. It offers options to to go to the PC settings or bring about a shutdown. The Redmond have the part removed. Solution: At present there are several tools which will simulate the Charms bar, but do not function. You should be patient, appear to matching versions. At least one related with the Charms bar bar call under Windows 10 on another: Click on the login screen on the bottom right-Fi icon, a network list to Windows 8 (.1) appears. Click to shut down either the right click on the start button and the appropriate option, or select the Start menu on / offand shutdown .


Expand Drop – Start menu with drag – &

For frequently used files wish many convenient access. Has always an appropriate point of contact for the call is the start menu. At least in Windows 7 attracted users files from your desktop or file manager with the mouse directly in the software menu. In Windows 8 Microsoft provides this convenience not before – so far understandable that there is a tile-start menu in full-screen view. Perhaps folds pulling content via drag – & – drop method to the Windows 10 menu because of the stage of development not. In a previous Windows 10-prerelease it worked anyway ever to drag and drop files on the Start button and then take to the menu. Solution: No direct replacement, but an obvious alternative: Dodge on the context menu. Click those contents that you want to ship to the Start menu, on the right mouse button.


Processing option for multiple tiles

Tiles have been around since Windows 8, incomprehensibly 10 supports modern Windows it partly bad. Marked one in the old tile systems several app icons by right-clicking, then there was the possibility to apply a specific action to all objects. This is now no longer. Solution:freighting your app icons by drag & drop, so by pulling it and click with the mouse on the desktop. Here, several objects can be marked by the left mouse button while holding down the Ctrl key. Using keyboard shortcuts Ctrl and A highlight on request all (App) files in a directory.


Centered text in title bars

When it comes to title bar text Microsoft is visually a step back: The names of windows begin again left in the top line of the window (similar to Windows 7), instead of the center (centered) to Windows 8. solution: a setting, it does not seem to provide for this. By special Ribbon software use, you will see but – at least in these programs – centered title bar text.Recommended Tools has selected for you computer image.


Two monitor areas for the Start menu call

This happened only in Windows 8 (no 8.1 update): Moves to the taskbar to a different location, there are two buttons on the desktop to switch to the Start menu. The Superbar also mentioned Software icon index is for example the top of the screen, navigate by clicking on the upper left corner of the screen as lower left tile for the Start menu. Regardless of the position always performs a click on the lower left to the start screen. Solution: Create a so-called Visual Basic script that takes care of the Start menu call. You have in all Windows 8 successor systems more click-points, to go to the Start menu. To create a file for the start menu call, open the Editor by Windows key and R and the command notepad . You can complete the command and save with Ctrl and S : Set WshShell = WScript.CreateObject (“WScript.Shell”) WshShell.sendkeys “^ {ESC}” Select the location of the desktop, the file name you use as the Start menu. VBS . Replace the file name in quotation marks so that the system with the unwanted ending no file .vbs.txt created. Finally, to save click.


Avatar change via the Start menu

Luxury it so unique to Windows 7: Click Start, point to your Avatar, a window opens that allows an avatar change. Solution: Windows 10 users can be found with a slightly longer Klickweg from. Open the Start menu, then click your user name in the top left and change account settings Select. About Browse define an alternative graphics.


Separate selection of the Start Menu background

In Windows 8 and 8.1, you can choose which background image shows the tile-start menu.Especially when 8.1 system there is also the opportunity to bring up the desktop wallpaper in the software menu. Under Windows 10 Start menu is transparent and shows always shimmering desktop content or open in the background window. Solution: The manufacturer of Windows 10, it does not provide, to use a specific background image regardless of the desktop wallpaper. An emergency solution is to enable at least a specific color for the Start menu. With a background image that has nothing to do. Click with the right mouse button on the desktop and put under Customize , color switch in color on the Start menu (…) to. Depending on the desktop wallpaper now vary the appearance.


Exit Explorer via Start menu

Are there problems with the PC usage, it often helps to end the Explorer process and restart.He is responsible for the appearance of desktop icons, file manager windows and taskbar;restart the system component, often helps the system to a sluggish pace more. Sometimes is even a mature system restart to complete an update installation lapses. In Windows 7 and an outdated Windows 10 build you can hold down the Ctrl and Shift click on a blank area of the Start menu and exit Explorer choose. Via Task Manager starts to the Explorer process and then again. Solution: It’s a mystery why Microsoft has expanded the useful function for the initiated user. Via batch file to start the Explorer process with an unreliable and / or lame Windows also new.


Many different change intervals for backgrounds

A throwback: messenger Windows 7 and 8 on the menu for desktop wallpapers still 16 time intervals for automatic image exchange, it is the new system only six. The range for the older operating systems ranging from 10 seconds to 1 day, dewy Windows stops here not with.Solution: Random Wallpaper Changer will help. The freeware does not only randomly background files on your hard drive, but also allows a flexible setting. You specify the desired interval number for the change and determine whether it should be a matter of seconds or minutes. So a total of 120 variations are possible.


Random wallpaper changes

Among the highlights in Windows 7 include the ability to automatically alternate desktop backgrounds. Even the possibility that the files in a folder defined images appear in random order, is available. From the in Windows 8 (.1) retained option is seen in Windows 10 nothing: In dialogue Personalization no checkmark to activate such behavior can be placed. Solution:If Windows 10 on July 29, 2015 appears final, you know more if the lack of function is due to the development stage of the Insider Preview or not. In the pre-release version, expected also in the sales version ensures Random Wallpaper Changer for random Swap your backgrounds.


Libraries in Explorer

Retrieving what has been laid: this task to take part in the libraries, which exist in all Microsoft systems since Windows 7. It is Sammelordner which combine the contents of several other directories. To access via photo library, for example simple to all photos that are on your PC – regardless of their actual location. To the annoyance of the fans of this function are missing the libraries in Windows 8.1 and 10. Solution: Recovery requires little effort: On the File Manager with the right mouse button on an empty spot in the left pane.Then select View libraries . Alternative procedure: Call the Run dialog using the Windows keyand R on, tap control folders , click on OK and the following window to show libraries , Applyand OK .


Short way to unhide desktop icons

The procedure, to show or hide desktop icons of the operating system is Windows Vista to the same 8.1: Run Right-click on the desktop and adjust , change desktop icons select, finally put the check mark as desired or remove. Since Windows 7, this is the only way to remove without any additional software or registry procedure the trash. The Clickpath under Windows 10 turns out in the pre-release version as a little longer: Right click on the desktop,customize , designs , Switch to Desktop Settings icon must be clicked. Solution: by placing a special shortcut on your desktop that calls this exact configuration window, circumnavigating the less brisk service. Click with the right mouse button on the desktop, choose New , andshortcut and tap the command rundll32.exe shell32.dll, Control_RunDLL desk.cpl ,, 0 a. After clicking Next , enter a name, for example, set your desktop icons . Finally Finish choose.


Menu bar in the file manager

Up to and including Windows 7 was: Without any tricks, it is sufficient to press the Alt key in Windows Explorer to display the menu bar. Users of older systems like XP come with it cope better with the new menu bar, more recent systems. It calls on the operating element about the Folder Options. With Windows 8, a ribbon-ribbon held in the Office 2007 look way into the file manager; since the display of the classic menu bar no longer works. Solution: Charge the Metro UI Tweaker down. The software removes the ribbon interface that still exists in Windows 10, and is so much the Windows 7 user interface in Explorer restores. Once you have unpacked and started the software, install a mouse click, if necessary .NET Framework components by Windows Wizard. Click in Metro UI Tweaker to Disable Explorer Ribbon , then click Apply and Yes to restart. Once Windows 10 restarts, the Alt key, the menu bar appears in the Explorer window is open again.


Notification area balloons

Means balloons made programs already in Windows XP attention, it looks similar to Windows Vista, 7, 8 and 8.1 of. The sometimes “Balontips” soft elements mentioned in Windows 10 fancier Info Boxes: The float on the desktop. There is currently no Settings menu in the new operating system that allows a return to the old style.


GodMode call via the context menu

For almost any system behavior we find a setting that allows the user to adjust it according to his needs. Some setting items go under in the Control Panel in light of extent. Help provides the GodMode: This extended control panel shows a thematically ordered list of all configuration entries. Use typically requires creating a folder with cryptic names, Windows 7 users – and only those – have it easier: Search on the Start menu for an item from the Control Panel, for example, change the default printer . Hold down the Shift key, appears after right-clicking on the search hits the context menu option to open the file path . After clicking it directly appears the GodMode. Solution: Similarly simplistic you access to the GodMode using a batch file, the ULTIMATE TECH NEWS has developed. You can find them in the download area . With the exception of XP and Vista 64 bit the tool using a command-line command automatically creates a GodMode file on the desktop.


Call GodMode in list form by L-trick

A special form of GodMode, which acts as a central configuration and alternative to the Control Panel, open the help of a single letter. Type in a “L” into the Windows 7 Start Menu, then the word Control click in blue font. It is a GodMode window opens in plain view, scrolling does not work. Solution: Can you handle the normal GodMode life, turn it freely via batch file of ULTIMATE TECH NEWS by double.


Luminous Start Button

If you move the mouse pointer to the Start button, lights up this. If one moves the mouse pointer from the control element, the view returns to normal. Gimmick for Windows 7 users: Click with the right-click on the Start button (or more precisely to the position at the bottom left of the screen) and then around to the taskbar, the Start button will turn on. Solution:You can supplement this behavior in the not win 7 followers. Who 7 Windows in a virtualization software such as VirtualBox or install Windows 10 to Windows 7 establishes parallel (dual boot), comes when required still able to “enjoy” this peculiarity.


Minimize apps in full-screen view

Due to the user discontent spendierte Microsoft’s Windows 8 Update 8.1.1: This adds a minimize button for apps. Under Windows 10, you minimize apps that run similar to the predecessor in full-screen mode, not via a corresponding button. Such is missing. Solution:In order to minimize Modern apps, make sure that the Tablet mode is off. To this end on note icon in the notification area (bottom right) Click and possibly tablet mode click. By default, this mode is disabled in desktop PCs. Should they be active, Windows suppresses the display of the Minimize button – in classical music programs such as WordPad is not however the case.


Windows Defender: Uniform setting menu

XP users had to the Windows Defender as spyware protection in favor re-install, since Vista is he by default in the system. With Windows 8 Microsoft built the tool to a basic protection against malicious software of all kinds. In older systems, make the Defender settings within the program. Under Windows 10, it is difficult to call the Defender at all; You have made ​​it and click the knob, the PC Settings app opens. Only in changing the behavior of the Defenders – an annoying and unnecessary break in style. Solution: A direct solution, it does not seem to give. Set the Defender once a desired, but it should not be necessary to once a second time to go to the configuration dialog.


Windows Easy Transfer

By Bordmittel Windows Easy Transfer to transfer files and settings of an old PC and / or operating system to a new device or Windows. The tool is useful in that it eliminates the need to re-adjust numerous behaviors. Normally Easy Transfer starts with the command migwiz : As ULTIMATE TECH NEWS this command typed in the Start menu and run dialog, every time opened only a System32 subfolder – not the program. Solution: The fact that Microsoft integrates the data acquisition tool again, probably. Before switching to Windows 10, you back up your data but also many with free backup software . By the way: If the Redmond EasyTransfer implement, falls very safe way, the data transfer via so-called Easy Transfer Cable option.What hardly anyone knows: Even with Windows 8.1 support Microsoft systems no longer such special stripping.


Action Center possibly history

Whether the own PC is safe, reveals the Security Center. With Windows 7, it notified Microsoft to Action Center; whose name bear in Windows 10, two different board means. Perhaps the original tool disappears future. Click with the right mouse button on list icon at the bottom right (Notification Center), the context menu entry appears Maintenance Center Open The command does not call the actual board means on the purpose of security analysis, but an info bar in smartphone style:. Solution : As long as the original Action Center exists, access via Windows key and Pause and clicking on safety and maintenance to it – cumbersome, but it works. If the developer’s analysis tools actually expand one day, make sure for a suitable replacement. Any security problem you come with the Baseline Security Analyzer to track what a 32-bit and 64-bit version is ready.


Sample images, such as music, sample videos

It could be that Microsoft’s sample images, such as music and sample videos in Windows XP, Vista and 7 retroactively regarded as ballast: Of the multimedia content is missing from Windows 8 each track. Solution: In the Internet you can find better entertainment material and in mass. On YouTube for example added daily countless clips. High-quality backgrounds for your desktop, click the wallpaper Special ULTIMATE TECH NEWS. Professional tip: In the Microsoft offers files for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10. The import by double clicking in a virtual machine like VirtualBox . The mainly intended for browser-experiments Windows test versions are free, but do not require activation. Included are all nostalgic sample files. However, the language is English. On a test notebook of ULTIMATE TECH NEWS VirtualBox did not work properly under Windows 10, you might be luckier granted.


Setup routine: installation without a license key

Nice for transfer passengers: Windows 10 is if one is changed only once, in the future to make do without a new license key entry. For a new installation, the system activated due to the coupling with the hardware independent. Negative but: Probably the convenience of Windows 7 falls away that you can install without key input. Windows XP and Vista also require a license key to install; who wants to install the system on a trial basis, need a license – or if necessary a so-called generic test key. Solution: In earlier versions of Windows, it is possible through tricks aufzuspielen the operating system without a key input. This does not relieve the user of the non-capitalized; yet so work trying the desired system. In Windows 10, it behaves hardly different. When the system is ready final, available on the Internet safely first tricks, how to handle the serial number input. This is likely to operate by integrating a file called “EI.cfg” in the installation data. After burning a DVD or transferring the installation routine on a USB flash drive falls.


The Windows Media Center’s history

With Vista, the Windows Media Center found its way into the operating system. It complements the Windows Media Player and used for entertainment purposes. Using the board means you manage your multimedia files and make them available in other devices home network. Slide shows are also not a problem as the TV reception – if a TV card in the computer. While the tool in Windows 7 was included, which was missing in the successor Windows 8 each track. On Windows 8 (.1) is to continue to use mandatory for a payment of 159.99 euros on Microsoft due. That there will not be the successor: Even with costs provide the Redmond company is no longer on the media center for Windows 10. And Caution: By updating the media center disappears from your PC!


DVD playback impossible in the future

To show material in DVD format is essential to the MPEG-2 codec. For cost reasons, Microsoft emphasized the already from Windows 8, with his successor will not come back, the player module. When trying to play a DVD movie via Windows Media Player, should appear only an error message.Microsoft saves licensing costs, the inexperienced user it annoys. Thankfully, there are also a solution for this: Alternatively, you install a codec pack or a universal player software that copes with standard DVD movies.


The Windows 10 features in Windows 7/8

You do not want to switch to Windows 10 or wait next? The program package of ULTIMATE TECH NEWS you modernize your old system for free. Easy to use freeware programs put on your Windows 7 or 8 (.1) the appearance of Windows 10 over, prepare a PDF or chat tool to complement the Nutzmöglichkeit of Android apps and bring valuable tempo and safety improvements. Also present: first tuning tools for Windows-10-Tester – Optimization potential also exists in the recent system variant.






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