Sony PlayStation Vue TV service: No cable, no contract, few compromises

Sony PlayStation Vue TV service No cable, no contract few compromises

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you’re looking for a way to ditch cable TV but don’t want to give up too many channels or the ability to record stuff to watch later sony has a great option the PlayStation view TV service has been available in a few cities for the last year but it just went nationwide it also costs less than before and you don’t even need a PlayStation to use it let’s take a look the first thing to know about view is that just likes link to the Netflix it streams TV shows over the internet so it requires a fast connection sony specifies at least 10 megabits per second the second is that it cost different amounts depending on where you live in the u.s. if you’re in one of seven major metropolitan areas including New York San Francisco in Miami it starts at 40 bucks per month and offers live local channels namely ABC CBS fox and NBC if you live somewhere else it starts at time but those local channels are on demand only be on locals use channel selection is very robust the most of the channels are used to plenty of on demand and ketchup shows and even some regional sports networks on some packages.

The third thing you know is it works just like a full-service cable TV package complete with a cloud DVR and the ability to watch a bunch of different TVs in the house simultaneously it’s easy to tag shows to record later which basically sets up a season pass to record every show that airs you can pause and rewind live TV fast-forward past commercials on record shows although it’s not quite as responsible honest and a DVR i also love use innovative menu system which prioritizes individual shows over channels just like Netflix you can even create up to 5 profiles for different family members you can watch by any PlayStation 3 or PlayStation 4 console that you don’t have one you can also sign up and use view with an amazon fire TV box or fire TV stick in fact I actually preferred using the fire TV box in many ways especially cuz remote is easier to use than the PlayStation controller there’s also an app for ipad and iPhone which can also work with chrome cast my experience PlayStation of you work very well with good video and audio quality and no major delays or buffering issues on my fast internet connection it’s definitely more expensive than alternative like sling TV but it’s excellent features and channel access to a long way to ease the pain cord cutting and the fact is no contract or hidden fees and you can try it or cancel anytime is icing on the cake

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