Sades SA 708 Headphones Review

Sades SA 708 Headphones Review

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today I have a review for you on these headphones which are the Sades sa 708 so this is supposed to be gaming headphones for a very cheap price retailing around fifteen to thirty dollars depending on where you buy it from so we are going to see whether these are worth the money or rather than not taking a look around the headphones you do have your one cable coming down the left side of the earphone you do have your mic which you can adjust so when it’s all the way down there it is not in your eye line of sight to not see it at the side of your eye but you can change that and you can flip it up when you’re not using it and you have your headband at the top it is padded.

I will say that at first it was not too comfortable this is very stiff and I had to get used to it so besides well they’re not very strong like they do slide down so that’s definitely the only con I can think of with the build quality is that these do slide down very easy so if they were a little more stiff that would be nice but hey I’m not gonna complain use $20 headphones so the ear cups do rotate and the cushions on side again when I got them they’re fairly stiff so they had to be worn in and now they are very soft I can easily wear them for more than 6 ,8 ,10, hours and they still feel good in my ears so whether I’m watching YouTube, playing games, listening to music.

The steam these headphones seem to do pretty good now it also has one of these so you can basically turn the mic on and off and you have a volume dial so you can set the volume acts on your computer or mobile device you can also can just control it from here in case that’s more convenient and on the end court it is a very long cord you have your audio in and your audio out so that way you can plug it into your camera or you can plug it into your computer or you can use it as headphones for your mobile device now I am using the headset mic attached to my camera so you can get a brief my quality test isn’t see I am on the ever bond website right now .

so you can see the everyone’s do come in blue green so let’s take a look at that we have our green it does look kind of yellowy I can’t really tell because it always looks different in website and in the person in person you have your white oops which is a red and white look it does look cool and then besides white you have your zombie and zombie is basically just black and the yellow or orange color scheme so yeah let me just welcome the cord for you and just twist it around headphone jack now likely it is that sometimes when you do make the cord and it does make it really nice but when it doesn’t do that it stays fairly sturdy which I haven’t had a haven’t had a problem so as you could hear from that mic test now I’m using the built-in microphone in my Canon t3i right now let me just say that microphone built into the camera is nothing special it’s not really good microphone it is I fairly easy microphone though and microphone on these headsets these headphones in costing $20 I can’t really complain you out there is no issue whatsoever besides the static there when I do tend to talk into it I did do a game play with it and I talked into it and I could definitely hear that there was a little bit of static when you were talking it depends on sometimes the environment as well sometimes headphones to stack quite loudly like as you heard before that was as loud as it f I’ve heard it before but sometimes it’s not even noticeable so if you do get into the game playing just listen to the person hearing it it’s not too much of a huge issue I mean like Stella might be a little bit annoying but if you are looking for a budget headset even if you’re not even going to use a microphone like I barely even use microphone and I love these headphones .

so have them attached to my computer since I have my other phones connect to it to my phone most time whether it’s I’m watching YouTube or some online videos or whether I’m watching anything listening to music playing games I’ve played many games on it and they do sound really good headphones comparing them to a pair of $50 headphones I have they definitely start sound nearly as good bass on them well let me just say that you can tell there is based on headphones if they are present but it is not very powerful or really too great so yeah pretty much for that though poly a little bit they do feel a little bit hollow the band or hear they’re not number one they are fairly comfortable but hey $20 headphones I definitely recommend checking them out so if you haven’t found a pair of headphones yet I know that you can go off those turtle beaches that only have a one earphone on the side and it has on my phone those are like forty thirty dollars and I don’t know I like these as they are comfortable the microphone on them is decent it’s a little microphone and taking it I don’t know if it will work through consoles though I will keep you updated and the discs are in the description and the comments but I’m suppose you could plug your audio in to your console and that might work but I don’t know if the audio out will work let’s say I plug into my ps4 controller I don’t know if you can hear out of it or if you can just use that so yeah but I’ll keep you updated with that so looking for a decent pair of headphones very cheap this is definitely the way to go so thank you guys for reading have a great day .

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