Prevent loud Ps4 fan loud with simple cleaning method

Prevent loud Ps4 fan loud with simple cleaning method

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what’s going on everybody my name is Brian and welcome back to another tutorial on how to actually clean your PlayStation 4 to prevent the very loud sound sometimes when you boot in certain games even if you’re not doing anything in the game sometimes your PlayStation 4 will get to a very loud sound where it could almost be annoying to a point where you just almost want to get another PlayStation but I’m going to show you a cleaning method on how to prevent his very loud sound for due time so first thing you were going to want to do is get these certain items you’re going to go on and get a Torx screwdriver a t9 perhaps is the one I’m using as well as compressed air can and also a rag you don’t need a lot of things for this assignment just those three items when it comes to the screwdriver please get 89 88 or any other Torx screwdriver head might strip the screw on the PlayStation there will be certain games like rocket League Metal Gear Solid 5 or even metal gear solid ground zeroes that will have this issue to try to start and prevent this please start off by turning off your PlayStation by holding on to the power button until you hear two beeps once you hear the second beep let go of the PlayStation power button until it totally goes from a white fade to be totally turned off it will take a few seconds for the PlayStation to totally turn off so please be patient with it and don’t unplug anything until the light totally turns off completely once the light totally turns off on the PlayStation please be safe and unplug the power eater net or any other cords that you have plugged into the back of your PlayStation please be cautious with this as you don’t want to rip any other cables out once you have every of the cables out it’s time to begin the process as I turn around my PlayStation 4 there’ll be three screws on the bottom where the power supply is and one on the top where all the HDMI ports and the ethernet port is be cautious though there’s actually going to be a sticker where my screws are that you’re seeing remove the sticker it will actually void your warranty so unless your warranty is expired or don’t want to break it be cautious that this method will break it and you do not be able to return the PlayStation 4 once you remove the stickers you will see there’s the screws the three on the bottom and the one on the top once you remove the three stickers on the bottom and the one on the top to expose the screws it’s time to undo the screws please use your torque 9 screwdriver and remove the three screws on the bottom and the one on the top be cautious that you don’t lose these screws as you only will have one of them so make sure you keep them in a safe place as you unscrew these as you will see I’ll be able to turn around.

the PlayStation 4 and be able to pop it open with no problem so please lay down your PlayStation 4 flat and keep the ports facing towards you when you do this process please watch as I take off the bottom please use the edges first – slowly pop it off and the rest should come off easily can slowly slide it off and you should be able to expose the bottom of the PlayStation 4 you will see there will be a PlayStation fan and other components inside the PlayStation as you can see on my fan and other components it’s not that dusty as I clean it once a month and recommend you do the same there’ll be a lot of dust in that fan area so you might want to take your PlayStation outside to use the compressed air and clean the as well as the backplane will have a lot of dust on it as well if you haven’t cleaned it in recent memory once you get to a good area where you want to clean your PlayStation use your rag and clean the bottom of the PlayStation part this should be able to be crystal clean and you should have no problems depending on how much dust you have can depend on how long it takes you to do this please now use your compressed air as I see I am pointing towards the end you want to use the compressed air and below the compressed air towards the vents this will make sure that all the dust comes out of a PlayStation 4 as easy as possible without any problem hold down the fan while you use the compressed air as you don’t want your fans spinning at high speeds while you’re doing this you do not want to injure yourself with the fan doing this process with the compressed air once your PlayStation is all clean and set to go you should be all ready to put and assemble everything back together you’ll see that I have the holes pointing towards me that is where the ports are going to go so you want to hold it in the back line it up and slowly just place it straight down you should hear a nice little click if not it should be able to stay right into place then you should be able to set up your screws and have no issues as I screw everything back on like normal please be cautious when using your screws and screwing it back in as you could lose these screws falling into these portholes on the PlayStation so please be very cautious when you screw everything back in last but certainly not least please assemble and plug in every cord that you used to have in the back of your PlayStation once this is set you should be all good to go and have no problems simply turn on the PlayStation and be able to play games with no loud noises anymore I want to thank you guys so much for reading to this tutorial if you have any questions please let me know in the meantime peace out.

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