News Conference: Google Fiber Network could bring 1,000Mbps to residents

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good afternoon everyone I’m Greg Stanton Mayor of the City of Phoenix we are here today to share some incredibly exciting news that the Phoenix metropolitan area is one of only nine regions in the country that will be working with Google as it expands the Google Google fiber network on a larger scale for those of you don’t know much about Google Fiber let me fill you in it’s a broadband network capable of delivering internet speeds up to 1 gigabit if that number sounds large if it sounds fast it’s because it is a gigabit internet speed is a hundred times faster than the average internet connection that’s important because when it comes to the internet speed matters and our ability as a community to offer ultra-high speeds in the marketplace is fundamental to our competitiveness in the twenty-first century economy the few regions including the three already working with Google Fiber that already offered gigabit service are sending everyone else a powerful message that they’re willing to make the investment necessary to get ahead of us to build the innovation infrastructure that will make them more competitive than regions like greater Phoenix we can’t let that happen instead we have to learn from the experiences that these communities have had and what they tell us and that is that ultra-high speed internet does accelerate economic development it does bring entrepreneurs together it does spur innovation and creativity well we know about the Internet today as an economic driver teaches us that we have to think of high speed internet as a critical part of our infrastructure just like water lines electricity lines public transportation and roads places that are connected can do well and those that aren’t won’t when it comes to the Internet it’s not a matter of whether you have access or don’t again speed matters and the reality is that in a changing economic climate we have to think of high speed internet as a central component to our communities innovation infrastructure we have to wire for success for entrepreneurs and co-working spaces for universities including our host asu here in downtown phoenix and students for the healthcare industry engineers and innovators it is up to us at the same time we have to keep in mind that we’re not just competing against other regions in the United States that’s only part of it the economy is global and we’re competing with innovation centers from all over the world yet our entire country is falling behind when it comes to internet speeds and according to the World Economic Forum were ranked only 35th in the world when it comes to internet bandwidth gigabit internet speeds may seem ambitious here but they’re a daily reality in Hong Kong Singapore Barcelona and many other places across this globe with today’s announcement and the commitment of Google and the three mayor’s here today we are closing that gap and we are ready to lead and this partnership is one in which the three cities phoenix Scottsdale and Tempe are ready to work together and work together closely I have a good working relationship a good friendship with each of the three mayors and I have confidence that their teams not only the political level but also at the professional administrative level are ready for this challenge so next I’d like to bring to the podium Mayor Jim Lane of Scottsdale Thank You mayor Stanton it’s a pleasure to be here with you all and frankly we are really very pleased to be part of this group that’s being considered for the google fiber and services and we think it’s a great match not only are the communities have been selected but of course for our neighborhood with Google you know it’s a we are a connected community in Scottsdale and I think probably it applies to all of the other communities we’re filled with folks that are creative and innovative and frankly I think that’s part of what and why Google selected scottsdale AZ the east city of 2013 we’re also a city of ourselves now of course but also I think this applies to the group certainly that is open for business and in the case of Scottsdale we certainly have a lot of home-based businesses that are are productive and successful and they frankly or have great advantages in technology currently and any effort really to expand and develop our informational infrastructure is a positive for us so I’m also looking frankly from this I’m hoping that this project also has an ability to bridge that digital divide that we have in some Scottsdale neighborhoods to and to bring the this type of service to every community regardless of when or where they were built or the frankly the income level of the individual citizens so I think it’s pretty well established fact that nowadays that if in fact you do not have access to digital services it’s a detriment to both business and education so we see that as a big plus as well we’re going to be working together certainly to facilitate this as best we possibly Canada as is needed and of course on the other on the other side of it to have business get a rather have government get out of the way when necessary so we are to calling upon our city manager to bring together the folks that’ll be necessary to make sure we respond to Google’s requests for information and we look strongly forward to working with the communities around to make sure that this is one of the most efficient and effective applications for google as possible so thank you very much I’m sorry yes one order of business I need to this is really a force situation but nevertheless I do need to introduce mark Mitchell and Mayor Tempe well thank you Jim on behalf of the City of Tempe we’re honored field to partner with the city of phoenix city of Scottsdale as well as our partners with google so we have a history of investing in infrastructure in a city of Tempe in order to position ourselves for the future everything that we have built in Tempe from the Tempe town link to light rail to the vibrant downtown has gotten us to where we are today by continuing to invest in infrastructure and working out with with google fiber is no different it will help increase the quality of life not only for our residents that’ll also give an opportunity for businesses to expand you know Tempe has a large number of technology based businesses in our community that would be even more successful with the opportunity to have one gigabyte of google fiber and we’re very honored to be a part of this effort you know Tempe we first applied for this google fire when it first came out in 2010 and we’ve been very committed to working with google and in looking at ways to strengthen our community in terms of the infrastructure that we have you know Tippy’s is a great city as is the whole valley and one of the things i think is really unique to point out is that the fact that you have three cities working together to help improve the quality of life for all of our residents in a valley but more importantly to help drive commerce not only to our own cities but to the state of Arizona and for that we’re thankful for Google for the opportunity to work together and we look forward to many years of success thank you without further ado it is my responsibility to introduce Angela Silvestri he is with the public policy group for Google and Andrew please come forth thank you it’s a good afternoon thank you guys for having me as mayor Mitchell said my name’s Andrew Silvestri and i am the public policy and community affairs manager for Google and first I just want to thank the mayor’s for having me here today I want to thank Arizona State University as well we at Google are extremely excited that we can begin to take the next steps with google fiber and that the mayor’s of phoenix Scottsdale and Tempe have agreed to partner with us as they begin the next steps in the planning process to bring ultra high-speed internet to its citizens over the last few years these cities and these mayor’s have worked tremendously hard to make technology a part of their local economies and today they are taking the next steps by rolling up their sleeve to ensure that their citizens have the necessary foundations to thrive in the 21st century at Google we believe that the next chapter of the internet will be built on gigabit speeds the transition from old dial-up networks to modern broadband today brought all sorts of new applications and services that we never dreamed of we think the next chapter of web is built on gigabit speeds and we feel that the innovation that it will lead to in the development has not even been imagined yet and we feel that the citizens and the people and the leadership of phoenix Scottsdale and Tempe will be the people to help us bring bring that development forward again i can’t thank the mayor’s here enough and the the city’s the city managers and the leadership of these communities for partnering with us as we move forward we’re excited to be here thank you again for having me we appreciate it thank you very much Andrew for being here and the opportunity for our three cities to partner with Google for this incredibly exciting announcer there an opportunity for businesses residents schools universities in our community you.


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