New Xbox One S Wireless Controller Review

New Xbox One S Wireless Controller Review

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what is that ladies and gentlemen ultimate tech news here with an unboxing for you all today we have the I guess Xbox one s or the new Xbox one controller however you want to say control our good no you stop OK so I’m yeah we have the new Xbox one controller and we are going to do an unboxing they have these in different colors which i think is really cool considering that I’m going to put a skin on it i did not want to get a colored controller it was either black or white so I went ahead and went with white and i will probably more than likely get some kind of grips or whatnot for it to that way it can help out as far as playing games and whatnot I’m going to play some titan fall using this you know what I have been really sleeping on tight ball i did not realize how much fun that game actually is and I’ve had it for some time and you know I played with some friends or whatnot and it’s a really fun game like it it’s a lot more fun.

than I thought it would be so yeah imam try it out and I’m a play some titan fall and see if there if I noticed any type of differences or whatnot in the controllers and yeah so here we have elevate your game stay on target with textured grip oh you know what I don’t think I want to cover up that textured grip anyway we’ll see also includes Bluetooth for gaming on Windows 10 devices so I think that’s cool that uh that they’re doing that I think that that’s awesome actually that they made in the controller 22 capable and here this is what you get you get the controller itself as well there’s a 3.5 millimeter headset jack built into the controller which that i love because that way you can plug in any headphones that you have that will fit in 3.5 million has a jet and you could use it instead of using having to use an adapter.

so you get to confirm the controller and two double A batteries i think it’s cool how they package of these as well because it has the to me it has the nice elegant and eloquent I guess feel to it to where you know you’re presented with the controller right off the bat and how it you know in this mold here so yeah I think blue guys this feels amazing like this the texture grip it feels really good I’m going to see if i can kind of hone in on that you could probably see it back in cville OK so you can kind of see it right about here where you can see that it’s textured there you go you see the little dots dimples kind of like you know I guess small dimples is what you would see on a golf ball but much tinier so we’re going to get it to focus and it just don’t want to work OK.

well you did it for a little bit you can see them off inside there we go see them the little rivets right over here aight from a distance they kind of look like fingerprints you know how your fingerprints look so yeah it has that nice textured grip to it and I mean we all know you know what these controllers look like no I thought they would have had some plastic or something over it but i guess not and the home button it looks different than the regular controller i think it’s about everything else looks the same if I’m not mistaken don’t these aren’t you know they look the same to have a you can see OK.

so I’m going to use it and uh and see how it fares because you know i guess with these types of controllers are always like to put skins and stuff on them because i don’t want to get them dirty it’s real easy to get dirt and grit you know all that stuff in these little creases and crevices and stuff and it’s hard to clean that out so well that’s one of the reasons why i always use a silicone skin or something like that because then I don’t have that issue with the dirt and stuff getting up underneath there and everything so let’s put these in here that in their writing look like you do it right you guys you know what I really not never very seldom use real batteries always use a charging play it whenever I use the who look at that little ominous blue that’s nice i like that although the leg is rippling from the only camera but it’s not really so yeah and then your sync button of course is here so yeah I’m going to turn on the Xbox and I’m going to use this but I am eventually going to put a skin on here because i pre-ordered a video game that you get a free skin with it.

so I’m going to put the skin on here i might go video of me applying the state in and yeah so I forgot about this stuff will never read this stuff so you know it’s really you know not warranted but if it’s an unboxing you might as well show it all right so yeah here is the little quick start guide here telling you how to set it up you set up to your computer to set it up to your console yeah and there you have it guys that’s been an unboxing of the Xbox one’s the console that has a Blu-ray DVD drive built into it turn so yeah until next time guys take care be safe be sure to subscribe if you are not currently a subscriber to the channel because there are more videos coming here in the near future as well as on more unboxing’s there will be game play article and of course there will be some pod casting and things of that nature so yeah be sure to hit that subscribe button .


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