Mine craft Little Kelly: FINDING LUNAS SECRET LAIR Trick

Mine craft Little Kelly: FINDING LUNAS SECRET LAIR

Mine craft Little Kelly: FINDING LUNAS SECRET LAIR

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okay that’s the last person out now it’s safe to go find you know we couldn’t have her performing any more spells on our friends I mean we’re waiting I don’t understand why keep doing these meaning he should come along confront them I don’t but let’s look around the castle first and see where she would be I want to check the kitchen over here in the dining room chef party have you seen anywhere don’t think he has something strange going on in here leaving your baby why is she such a chicken I don’t understand why she chose evil things and then she just hide there because she knows in reality we are way better than her yeah okay I’m going to pick in the library yeah I’m already here it doesn’t look like anything’s out of place or anything out of the ordinary in here either gosh there will be something we can’t mom and dad well my mom doesn’t get Ramon and that’s true maybe off at 10 and maybe paper could be hiding out maybe a little layer of their yeah that’s a good point i mean every witch has to have a little layer where they have their spell books and it has to be hidden its power of the which law so maybe she has her hidden in somewhere in the castle but Ramona’s room would be a great idea because we never like going in there let’s go she’s a clever one I wonder if Brittany help her maybe all look at the baby’s room is even darker it’s crazy oh that must be coming from the cauldron my lair the was yam know working so no one’s frozen ok let’s go in here anyway and go oh my gosh the castle is so spooky like this I dad when he really did ok Luda where are you hiding maybe the bathroom you know Bob room no I don’t know what’s going on here with weird Ramona’s reflection is still in the mirror like it’s trapped there isn’t it must be a part of Luna spell as well it’s really strange anyway okay so it’s not here oh I have an idea tell me why don’t we go to my lair and I can try to find a spot that has a locator spell or maybe we’ll give me some clues to where Luna’s hiding it up okay little cubby we don’t have time little could be escaping as we speak or maybe he’s hiding out in your near we need to be careful okay we have to go prepared for your right you know what we do have to be careful so maybe when we do find her find a way of finding her we should take a weapon Wiggles around when I ok locator spell locator spell ok let me close my eyes and think where do I feel it over here ok what shelf is it this one location spell ok . let locator ok IC do or toluene you are late or your own info graphic Robin I’m not even a foot tall step there that should be it now Luna’s footsteps will be visible to us so we know where she’s been well okay well okay well first I think you’re right about being safe we need to pick up some weapons i have some stored in this chest over here weapon yeah it’s just a sword just in case Luna is up to no good and I’m not really that good of a witch yet so I don’t really want to just did rely on my spell so a weapon is good to have a photo okay no wonder where the book that here I don’t know okay once you have let me know about let’s go up look yeah thank you okay so she’s been reviewer and here where the leading to hm you know gosh this way that’s not hear yam oh gosh okay could I gosh where is this is obviously leading most to our secret lair where is it where’s a mirror room where over here okay there has to be something to open her lair ok you have a look around and see if you can find a switch in the drugs huh what has to be okay if it was eating over there we go okay locality we have to be super careful okay let’s go down ok Oh scared come on okay we’ll be careful and methodical oh gosh this is so spooky you know that the top look they’re just try and get me you’ll have to get past my friends first attacking scary Oh get over that wanted right yeah these ghosts are so scary I’m going to guess it’s okay to be careful I don’t want you to get hurt either hello now we’re going to get you know sick of this okay let’s get her oh no what do you wear we owe him Princess Leia I don’t know but this is really crazy was like it was a portal she trapped us I think oh I think we’re in the ghost world I think she transported us to the ghost or letting career in the land of the dads think we’re going to see mom I don’t I don’t know that would be really nice if we did I really miss her are we did ah i hope not i mean later like America where does this hurt oh yes okay well then we’re not dead because they want everyone you want you better hit me now with the sword thank you oh yam later okay look let’s go look at the skeletons oh my gosh it really is the land of the dead this is not good ok we have to find a portal home that one shot behind us Oh Kurt well I can see one but it’s all the way in that big monsters mouth we’re ok we’re going to make our way over at the follow these ghosts ok team pep talk time I’m going to carry it you are the queen of the magical kingdom no matter what Ramona says and you are brave you’re also Princess Leia and she battles all the stars star wars things i don’t know i haven’t really seen the movie but anyways you are able to do this okay you’re right about you that you are going to removing them you are an important and Ramona will never take that right away when you are woody you heard the wooden foot and maybe the wildest go boy on the block yeah and you need to do this for your sheep head your heat oh ok well let’s keep on moving then let’s start two feet and East Coast they’re no match for us INF rainbow goes whoa ok we really are the Ghostbusters today ouch oh yeah okay that seems like it’s the first area clear let’s make our way to the graveyard well this is spooky oh the way you oh gosh okay they’re everywhere you go away knowing you are a mean person mom mommy you here oh I can see you’re anywhere girly the band oh don’t think mom’s groceries here out wait when i get there thank you oh there’s more beer without any good whatever you going to get this one over here with their red eyes oh you’re so serious so evil you ok I think we just went over here oh yeah okay flip out like we need to go and get intrude up more lip do it okay look it’s right up there is more only a waiver be okay I’m going oh no the out how do we get everybody that Christ oh you’re looking for oh no there’s more skeletons sorry Mr. skeleton I don’t mean to sound on your face oh there’s even more we’re nearly there no great if we could do this uh-huh okay yeah make your wheel okay I’m going to get the one to the side over here oh gosh is there more oh there’s one over here yeah you got me yeah although the reduced with all black guys you never really went all over alternator and he she did she sent us to the ghost serious deadline ever yeah okay I think we’re nearly finished here great have you killed Cost I didn’t think this was possible i don’t know let’s go let’s just go in there i guess so full we don’t even know if this is actually going to bring us back that could be a trap 10 little cardio we need to talk about this is this is the right decision yeah it is because i don’t want to date that on forever and we care what is spooky but I don’t know if I want to know what lives open that has to be honest it looks really scary yeah me too okay look let’s do it lets hop in the borderland them with whatever happens will happen well whatever happens we’ll do it together okay Kurt 321 Oh amazing okay well this is good now we just have to go to Luna confront her portal oh no hopefully not we know about that one now we just need to go and find her autocorrect footsteps are still here i think she’ll still be in her lair I mean she won’t think we got out of that situation so quickly forgets that we’re big adventurers and we can fight off any ghosts in the game I think she’s trying to get rid of also think she’s might be a bit jealous barking whoa okay back into her lair anyway let’s go talk to her I you know we should do we should tell her that we’re going to tell Dad oh yeah let’s get err yeah and then she’ll be grounded and she won’t be able to do any spells and he had you know we’re back here we are very mean and we’re going to tell that what you’re a week go ahead tell him just remember if you tell the King I’m a witch I’ll tell the King your which does the King like witches know you can tell Donna which he’d never accept me he’s got you there anyway yeah alright can we do get there is nothing with you another way we’ll find a way to ruin you Luna come on Carl let’s get over here now that we know where secret lair is she won’t get away with anything.


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