Kobo Aura One: The Best Kindle Alternative

Kobo Aura One: The Best Kindle Alternative

Kobo Aura One: The Best Kindle Alternative

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Kobo Aura One Review

The very first chance I got to review a dedicated e-reader this is the aura one a water-resistant reader from Kobo and I think it’s the kindle competitor to watch for the foreseeable future before I talk about the aura one itself i want to tackle the question that some of you might be asking why get an e-reader if I already have a tablet and after all its common now to read eBooks inside an app and it’s a lot simpler to carry one device that does it all that’s where I’m coming from I’ve been reading my books on a tablet since I bought the first pad over five years ago and if you’ve gotten used to that experience it’s unlikely any e-reader would change your mind but there are definite advantages to ditching the tablet when it comes to books the biggest one for me is giving my eyes arrest I stare at displays of various sizes all

day long and when I want to read a book I don’t really want to be on another display at the same time I want something more portable and less clumsy than an actual book while the seven point eight inch e-ink panel here is technically a display it’s the closest thing you’re going to get to looking at printed words on paper in daylight it’s perfectly readable it uses no battery power at all unless you’re turning a page and you can adjust the temperature of its back light that’s a rarity and it’s a big deal the warmer setting is much more comfortable than the bluish white default when you’re trying to relax at night you’ve got a variety of typefaces to choose from two and the pixel density is plenty high enough no matter which one

you pick also this display is big almost 2 inches larger on the diagonal compared with every modern kindle that makes the aura one a bag device not a pocket 18 but it also gave kobo the space it needed to make the reader water-resistant honestly given how many people make a habit of seaside reading

it surprising Maury readers don’t offer this it’s not dust proof though so keep the sand out of the charging port speaking of charging this is another area that readers have tablets beat because they typically measure battery life in weeks rather than ours it took me 11 days to deplete the aura ones battery over 4.4 hours of reading now that reading figure is way low because i used the thing like a tech

Reviewer you know I fiddled around with menus and explored the interface and kept Wi-Fi on all the time and a hundred percent of my reading was done at night with the back leg turned on if you’re a

little more cautious you might even be able to hit combos estimate of one month’s use between charges and bonus the big battery life doesn’t mean it’s a brick the aura one is lightweight reasonably thin and that basketball like finish on the rubber makes it easy to keep a grip on now just as it reaps benefits common to all e-readers the aura one suffers in familiar places to the slow refresh rate of the ink means doing anything other than flipping a page is really slow especially when it comes to beta features like the web browser also the automatic brightness is a little oversensitive so you might end up switching it off

like I did and at very low settings the panel has inconsistent back lighting I initially thought it was intentional texturing but no it’s just kind of junky and then there’s the ecosystem question in my tastes are fairly diverse and I found every title i was looking for in the Kobe store until I dug just a little bit deeper do a search for deep-water horizon for example and you’ll see that not only does the kindle store have more available books but several are cheaper some significantly so that’s amazon’s scale at work I imagine and it’s important to consider if you’re thinking long-term now kobo does make up for that a little it’s got better pocket integration it’s easy to side load pub or PDF files using a computer and there’s also built-in support for overdrive it lets you borrow digital books from your local library right on the device it’s cool it works well and it led to me getting my first library card in a long time ago also has partnerships with some indie booksellers so if you register with a certain store they’ll get a small percentage of every purchase you make that’s a nice little gesture of support still the stumbling blocks to the aura one are significant first it’s a 230 dollar device three out of the four currently available Kindles are cheaper yes they’re all smaller and none of them are water resistant but the added depth of the Amazon ecosystem is a pretty big counterbalance now factor in that Kindles also work with overdrive and pocket I’ll be in a more clumsy way so for mainstream folks in the market for a competitive e-reader I’ll still recommend the kindle first but if you live in a market where Amazon doesn’t do business or you don’t like how Amazon does business or you just want to do something different than everyone else is doing I get it I carry a windows phone then the aura one’s superior hardware bookstore friendly attitude and those little baked in niceties make it the best kindle alternative there is if you own an aura one share your experience in the comments.

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