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Welcome back to another Kingdom Hearts and use article today few days I’ve got some kingdom hearts 3 new information now honestly this comes as a surprise as of course I was pretty damn sure that in terms of news for kingdom hearts 3 it was pretty much all over for the year 2016 of course considering the fact that 2017 is literally around the corner however though very recently dinky PlayStation recently conducted an interview with tits see you tomorrow and he actually briefly spoke about a few things towards kingdom hearts 3 as well as kingdom hearts 2.8 so today I’m going to be going over the kingdom hearts 3 information and in a couple of days’ time we’ll go over the kingdom hearts 2.8 .

information now in regards to this kingdom hearts news it’s nothing really substantial but for sure it is some interesting stuff certainly guys enjoyed today’s article and let’s jump into it also just a quick shout-out to zip over cage inside up for of course getting these translations so the first point explains in light of the premastered versions it does not affect the progress of Kingdom Hearts 3 and the amount of star falls into a good number so i think a lot of people believe that because of the fact that you know tons and tons of different kingdom hearts premaster coming out it essentially means that the development cycle for kingdom hearts 3 is getting constantly slow down now

Honestly really who knows that this is the honest truth right here I personally believe that if of course greenness weren’t focusing on kingdom hearts 1.5 to 2.5 and 2.8 throughout the years definitely the concentration of Kingdom Hearts 3 is development would have been more in the full four stage however those been saying that all of the kingdom hearts titles that have of course come out a pretty damn important to the overall story and of course I think it’s a really cool thing that’s going nix are of course allowing us to go through the series that one last time to experience it in HD and of course to be fully prepared for kingdom hearts 3 as of course

the story is pretty damn important to TMR is saying right hand that they have a decent amount of staff and of course each staff member has their own sort of obligation in each team is working on like a different project in terms of the kingdom hearts franchise so that’s a really good thing to have next up there were trial and errors about the situation command and how to display them so it doesn’t look like simple quick time events situation commands are an evolution of Kingdom Hearts toes reaction commands and have become an integral part of Kingdom Hearts 3 so cost last year we got the confirmation that reaction commands from kingdom hearts 2 not be present in Kingdom Hearts 3 and I know a certain amount of people were pretty download it down about this me being one of them because I honestly believe that the reaction command system in kingdom hearts 2 was pretty damn cool and unique it was giving us that one extra button to allow us to pull up some really cool and exciting moves depending on what sort of enemy or boss we currently bursting at that time so yeah it was pretty sad to see that ranching commands are of course not going to return for kingdom hearts 3 however though there’s this new thing being implemented which is sort of like reaction commands but different and they are now known as situation commands now we get to actually see these situation commands however though hopefully if we do get a trail of a kingdom hearts 3 next year which i believe is very likely will most likely see these situation commands being pulled off now exactly what the situation commands are who really knows perhaps maybe they’re special moves that you can activate on a specific boss only so perhaps maybe each boss encounter you come across throughout kingdom hearts 3 will have their own special and unique situation commands we’re sorry will activate some sort of special move looking towards the activation of the flow motion rides that are of course present in Kingdom Hearts 3 those could be considered situation commands as well even this move right here might be considered a situation command we’re sort of jumps into the sky and then falls down shooting everything below him

I was actually thinking in my head that perhaps maybe the shield batch that we see Sora Donald and Goofy using in the e3 2015 kingdom hearts 3 trailer might actually be a situation commands then again that looks more so like a limits but of course who really knows next up since kingdom hearts dream Drop Distance was the turning point for flow motion team heart three began from there now in terms of this response right here I really don’t know what to see your number remains does he mean like development stuff or is he actually talking about kind of gameplay mechanics is he talking about actual story law who exactly knows we of course do know that dream Drop Distance is the bridge from kingdom hearts 2 to kingdom hearts 3 so we might be referring to across the actual story law in terms of the fact that of course kingdom hearts dream Drop Distance is the lead-up title 23 so of course this is working class 3 truly begins from dream Drop Distance but then again they’re mentioning like flow motion here and we do know that you know for emotion is going to be something in Kingdom Hearts 3 as well so I’ll be talking in regards to the actual mechanics from dream Drop Distance who exactly nose butter interesting response nonetheless next up in Kingdom Hearts 3 is development they’re working all the models but please be relieved to know it is progressing forward as well as the timing for the announcement of new information so i absolutely love this type of use what they give us a little bit of an update towards the development cycle of Kingdom Hearts and they also mentioned the fact that hate you no new news is on the horizon with planning it out please stay tuned it’s always great stuff to read up on but out the whole reworking of models that’s a pretty damn interesting thing I think for the most part in terms of the next generation of Kingdom Hearts.

We have been complaining a lot about the character models especially looking towards the different character models we’ve seen throughout the numerous amount of 2.8 trailers we have received since 2015 i know people have been complaining upon the fact that the character models look like play-do they look plastic they look very on detailed so it’s really nice to know that as of right now in terms of Kingdom Hearts 3 their reworking models trying to fine-tune them trying to make them look absolutely nice everyone testing tomorrow staying right here apparently is progressing so that’s absolutely fantastic to hear as well as that in terms of new information they are also planning out the timing and all things like that like tits you tomorrow hosted in the past we can expect.

A new kingdom hearts 3 information after the release of Kingdom Hearts 2.8 so this right here is kind of an add-on towards the whole new information seen that we were just talking about so this point States we want to time to gather information for the 15th anniversary for the kingdom hearts series but it has not been decided yet now do not stress out guys trust me when I say this there will be new kingdom hearts 3 information next-gen that we know of due to the fact that numeral has already stand new information is coming after 2.8 and of course yes.

Next gen is the big 15th anniversary for kingdom hearts and you know once 2.8 is out of the way as well as the PlayStation 4 remixes then of course what is left to advertise of course kingdom hearts 3 which is a pretty big fucking bill for square nix so i would say that the latter half of 2017 is just going to be absolutely chock-full of Kingdom Hearts 3 advertisements but I even still so I think earlier on in the year sometime after February leading up to much as well there should also be a new kingdom hearts 3 bits of information flying out the game to a poor celebrate the 15th out of those three of Kingdom Hearts tumor in the past has of course explain that is going to be a ton of exciting surprises to celebrate the 15th anniversary

so whether or not that has anything to do with kingdom hearts 3 who exactly knows but i would say we’re going to be getting a decent amount of Kingdom Hearts 3 information next-gen and lastly as for Kingdom Hearts 2.8 the final chapter prologue in the title means that the story for kingdom hearts 3 has already begun so that’s really cool thing to actually no Kingdom Hearts 2.8 is in a sense technically the story of Kingdom Hearts 3 and that is dead on if you guys don’t know 0.2 birth by sleep was originally part of the kingdom hearts 3 script then takes universe thought okay let’s actually separate this because of the fact that is actually so much stuff already present in Kingdom Hearts 3 so we’re already in a sense getting a taste test all kingdom hearts 3 in 2.8 especially looking towards 0.2 birth by sleep due to the lore it contains as well as the overall rules of the game and the game play even though it’s being explained that some of the fundamentals in 0.2 due of course differ from that of Kingdom Hearts 3 in bare bones in terms of the formula it is kind of the same so I think 2.8 is going to be absolutely fantastic because it really is the start of the kingdom hearts 3 saga guys that’s all the news and information for today it’s always a fantastic time to get little tidbits of information for compliance 38 honestly wasn’t expecting it at least for the remainder of this yet but nonetheless States universe came through and has given us a little bit of information so that’s always a fantastic.


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