How to get the YouTube app in {Windows 10}

hello guys this is ultimate tech news and today I will be showing you a really small trek through which you can get the YouTube app right on your Windows 10 PC so let’s get started so I will not be downloading any app from this tool from the shore or all you need to do is just follow me and you will be there so what we need to do is open Google Chrome so I’ve got Google right here and you need to remember that this trick works only with Google Chrome or not with Microsoft edge so don’t make that mistake and we’ll go ahead you type in YouTube or will just type we have it so once you have the YouTube window.

How to get the YouTube app in Windows 10

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youtube app for windows


How to get the YouTube app for Windows 10



youtube app for windows

you need to click these three bars right over here just hit them and select more tools and then say our two – car then you meet then this is not checked by default any to ticket and it is open as window and as she add so once you do this it is the possibility that Google might Hank and this is or will show boom get afraid in this case it is not hands for lucky and a little bit although I’m on the Gideon it’s hand so while – wait and I will be back one sec slopes so yeah so guys I’m back the Google Chrome window I shot and we’re good to go we’ll open our shot menu and scroll down oh I think I made a mistake I’ll be right back so I just made a small error and you would have it but the person is smaller or I just want to see it so I have very simply add it I will pin it to my side there you go you can also connect to your taskbar so this is just like an app functions just like an app I will just mounted answer to you this is how it will open it may take some and depending on your internet there I have it as you can see it’s fully functional no large anything if you have an option also you can download an app called hyper for you do for from Drive from the Windows Store but I think it lands sometimes and does quite slow sometimes for me may not be the case with the you fragging useless you have all the YouTube functions you it is not a Google Chrome window as you can see so that’s all for today I will be uploading more videos so stay tuned and good luck bye don’t forget to subscribe or if you like this Article please hit the like button below .

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