Galaxy S8 Galaxy A9 Pro Coming Sooner in India Launches this week

well one possibly could benefit of the whole notes and fiasco is that the galaxy as it may be coming whole lot sooner to have a phased in plenty of rumors suggesting Simpson will move up the time frame for the galaxy that’s eight in order to put the note so



even drama behind it and get back into the news in a more positive light a new report from the Korean Harold backs up his claim that i quote if Simpson’s flagships Marco launches delayed to the end of the first quarter of next year the profitability of the mobile business division could be worse it next year also know the middle of all this


insiders reporting disabled will have no revealed the new model numbers for the galaxy as beat the s. and the g. nine fifty and s. m. g. nine fifty five reportedly where the models will be a smaller screen the other larger similar to the f. seven and seven page double phones might have edge displays this time around


internally they are reportedly going with the code named dream a dream to let’s talk of a more positive Samsung use the form of the Simpson galaxy eighty nine pro Simpson has unveiled its new galaxy the nine pro in India which is the new cream of the crop of the company’s galaxies years they had said features consumer


more powerful specks in the other a serious headsets that if you operate over the regular a nod for starters the headset packs a powerful all look we’re QUALCOMM’s not dragging six fifty to process or the chips boast for high performance one point eight the Kurds cortex a seventy two quarters and for


full power cortex the fifty three quarters backed up by adrenal five ten g. p. you there’s also a huge four gigabytes of ram on board accompanied by thirty two gigabytes of expendable in trouble storage stirring up to be a pretty sweet mid-range device keep in mind that by comparison the regional eighty nine had a four thousand million how about

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