How to Download PicsArt Photo Studio for PC {Windows & Mac}

hello everyone so in this Article I’m going to show you how you can use pics art photo studio and it’s a photography app by pix art and how you can download it for your Windows PC computer or for your laptop depending on what’s better for you and you can actually use this on a much larger screen it’s probably going to be a lot easier to navigate if you have a small smartphone so this is a photo art studio and its really nice so you can see has a photo editor built in and beautifully beautify the world by transforming photos into works of art so you take your photos and you have lots of cool effects to choose from and you can change your photos and you can use your camera alongside with it so you can snap your photos using live filters that way you can see what the filters look like even before you take the photo and as you can see they produce some pretty artistic effects drawing sweet so you can create drawings using powerful layers brushes and tools so that reminds me of Photoshop a much more expensive software for your computer so maybe you can get away with just using this app instead of having to pay hundreds of dollars for a much more expensive one so collage maker built in as well so you can combine photos and make some cool artistic backgrounds add in some nice fonts and text on the sides image galleries so you can share your so you can share your images with your galleries so that’s pretty much what’s included Pixar photo studio with a very high 4.4 star rating and check this out 2.5 plus million five star ratings compared to just 850,000 one star ratings it last updated just recently so they’re staying up-to-date with the updates adding in some new features some new effects simply sharing options and you can set your dimensions when cropping so you can get pretty serious with your photo editing capability so to get this onto your computer we’re going to need to install an app player which is the Blue Stacks free app player which you can get from their website at and this pretty much gives you access to the Google Play Store.

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How to Download PicsArt Photo Studio for PC Windows & Mac


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so you can play games and use apps just like you would on an Android smartphone or tablet and you can get it on your PC computer or your laptop so from this screen from their home page at click the download button and just save that file or run it if you have that option as you can see in the little picture here there’s a run option I’m not going to do this because I already have Blue Stacks installed and it doesn’t make sense to install it twice so just follow the instructions on your screen to install that and if you need help leave a comment down below and we’ll try to get back to you ASAP so here’s the Blue Stacks home screen from here all that you have to do to install the Blue Stacks player is click the search button I mean to install the app and type in the name of the app you would like to install so in our case it’s picsArt and as you can see before even finishing it there’s the app that we want so if you see that icon pop up you already know what it is so from here click this green install button click accept and just give that a minute or two to download and it will automatically install the app for you but while we’re waiting for that to complete would you please give us a thumbs up down below if you found this video helpful and if you’re going to install and use picsArt on your computer we would really appreciate the support and it only takes a second from your time so we’re almost done installing picsArt we’re going to go full screen here by clicking that button hopefully this app works in full-screen and it’s not a window to app but either way it’s going to be a lot bigger if you have a small iPhone or a smart phone screen or if you have a tablet maybe that would be a lot better than some of the smaller smartphones so we’re almost done here so I’m going to stop talking and wait for this to install you click open as you can see it is a nice full screen layout interface that’s very exciting so here’s the picsArt home screen and as you can see the layout is very attractive I like this layout it looks very professional and they did a great job making this app so have fun playing around with this you can see it’s edited nice or laid out nice where you got your effects here so you can pull up a picture or take a new one and you can begin editing the photo with cool effects and then even share it right away pop open your camera edit some pictures even draw shop make a collage and look through some of the featured photos that they have for you guys and yeah have fun with this app let us know if you have any problems in the comments down below .

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