Datawind UBISLATE 3G7 Full Review

Datawind UBISLATE 3G7 Full Review

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hello friends i am your host warm technically today i am going to give you full review of data wind UV slit 3g7 i will already unbox this device so please watch my previous Article . so friend here i will going to show you its design and I i will show you what are the some preloaded apps in this tablet and why you will purchase this tablet it is an entry-level tablet but there are too many preloaded apps like Skype like quicker like whatsapp so or if you are a if you want to watch video or you want to read all of the PDF or you want to read the document on a large screen so you can prefer this device so friend here now I’m going to tell you the design part so on the top of this tablet you can find here charging port it is the 3.5 mm audio jack here on the left on the right hand side here it is volume rocker key with the power button left hand side is nothing and a bottom side of these devices again nothing OK friends and the backside of this device is it is 2 megapixel camera and it is a back side you can see so friends now i’m going to tell you where you will insert sim card and microsd card so this is the flap you have to just remove this flap like this and here you will insert sim one and seemed to and here you will insert microsd card so it’s a good thing that you have no need to open all this flap and put it it’s a very good so i have just put it like here again so friends now i am going to show you inside the device so first i am going to just unlock it so friend this is the 7-inch tablets and one more thing i want to show you that every angle you can able to see the screen I am just rotating it and you can easily think that you can find or able to see the same it is the screen part what apart from it I want to tell you one of the best which I have seen in this device that the user manual user manual is on the top of the screen and by eight you you can easily understand or you can easily learn that how you can use this tablet so friend without wasting time I am going to show you from the top so friend here you can see you wish let 3g7 user manual it is and once you just dragging it you can see each and everything like I already told you the back side if you have to insert your sim card and microSD card here and it is the technical specifications like the screen size of the stability 7-inch OS is android 4.4 point2 KitKat processor age cortex a7 dual-core 1.0 gigs processor ram is one gb internal storage is hoji be and you can expand it up to 32gb by micro SD card pc interface means micro USB and camera is also here front-facing vga and rear-facing 2-megapixel yeah these are some specification apart from it you can also see that it everything had mentioned here like how inserting a sim card you can see here so you can learn it if you are a new user so you can learn how to run this tablet through this manual you can also know that the symbol of all of these like homepage back recent a volume up and down application this is a symbol of micro SD card USB Wi-Fi time battery blue these are some things you can easily learn so i am going just back from here and now we will check what inside the setting area for it I have just typed you inside setting area on the top you can see here Wi-Fi Bluetooth data usage audio profile display storage battery apps location security language and it and it put input backup and reset date and time schedule power on and off accessibility printing developer option and above tails tablet about tablet area you can see here data android version each four point four point two so i am going to just back from here and now we will check the free storage inside the storage area you can see here total space age you can see good yeah here you can see it’s given that total space 1.27 and and available is 0.9 1gb it is internal storage and for the phone storage it has mentioned here 1.25 total storage and available storage is 1.2 4 gb and one more thing i want to tell you that you can also use the OTG device with this tablet like here you can see external USB storage USP mount USB storage insert a USB storage for mounting so you can also use OTG device with this tablet or you can also use external keyboard to sync this device and use this tablet eject laptop other friends now I am going to just back from here and I want to show you what are the some preloaded apps in this tablet friend there are many preloaded apps in this tablet like I had told you in the starting of my this video these apps are from the starting of app store for the amazon app store after I’d bubble blaster calculator chess grand master a clean mastered after I data wind education after it es can tablet security this is the one of the good app for the security concern so you have no need to download or purchase any extra antivirus for you tablet and after it you can see here that hit the different it’s a game India today group it’s app king soft office it is for the no not this one this office is e is for the use of the microsoft office audio like if you want to read you in him ms word file on your tablet or do you want to see the XL or you want to see the PowerPoint presentation so you can also see all of these on this tablet after it you can see it’s under game minesweeper after it here you can see there are some other apps like the quicker skype afraid what’s up you can see it so watsup so friend there are many preloaded apps in this device so you can use it as per your Jew you can use all of the apps as for you use so like it’s a actually during my review time I like many apps like the skype like if I want to chat or though I want to video if I want to do a video called for my family or for the official video skype call I always do it it is very handy I have to just put it in my hand and I just sit on my bed I am and stopped and started my chat with people so it is a very good up here after it what’s up you know and one more app which I forget to mention like the sony leave it is a one of the good app so you can watch TV directly through this app but you need internet connection or you need a good Wi-Fi connection to watch TV too sony live so the friendlies are the some preloaded apps and one more thing now i’m going to tell you about the camera inside the camera you can see actually this device has made by the data win for the use of the people who want who don’t want to purchase a very expensive tablet which are available in the market it is an entry-level tablet or the people who want to play games who want to read PDFs or who want to read content or who want to read magazines huh through the so it’s a very useful device or it’s also for good or Skype calling itself so friends for the camera i want to show you some images which are captured during my review time on these it is from the front facing camera again it is the from the back camera you can see the detailing detailing is on average i am not saying too good because i already told that it’s an entry-level tablet but its performance is good you can see ya so for the daylight or where lights is coming very good so it will throw a good color not very good color because it’s an entry-level tablet again so friend overall for my review so i already told you that why you use it and one more thing that there are many giving apps like one this is the bubble blaster you have to play like this yeah these are the bubble blaster games which are available in this tablet one game on either game is mine sweeper yes it is also again so you have to play it like this you have to like this so now i’m just going to again back so friend there many games are also available so overall I like this tablet it’s a into labor tablet you I I read a lot of PDFs I have edited many my work files i have seen presentation I again see and one more thing also i want to show you that how you use the browser like Here I am just going to type in my website name here and you can see that how quickly it’s going to response you can see it’s open them my website very quickly you can see here and it’s an you can read it very clearly I can just zoom it you can see here do mean zoom out so this it’s response time is so good for the jumping and zooming out and you can see here that I am showing you through the camera and it’s still visible to read like that Eleanor for Passover solo for or ringo launches local call service after 19 passes per minute these are some news which i posted earlier on my website so i pretty like to read the content watching movie and making skype calls and playing some games on this tablet so friends now I’m I’ve done with my review if you have any query a question you can mail me at my email .

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