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Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth Speaker

Best Tech under $100

Top 7 New Best Tech: Toys under $50


So number one is a Bluetooth speaker and I’ll just any this one now for some of

You might look concerning is similar to the jawbone jam box which is released

That about a hundred and fifty dollars and yeah that’s because they basically

Ripped off it but don’t turn away just yet because you might be surprised to

Hear that the sound quality is almost on par which for the price of twenty

Dollars is an outstanding off that I had no problems of the build quality

There’s a wide selection of colors and oh yeah it’s really loud.






Number two we have I survived this little bag right here can apparently

Rescue your smartphone from imminent death

Obviously that’s a bold claim but it’s actually using nanotechnology to draw

Out all the moisture in your smartphone if you ever drop in water so the current

Sort of best recommended method is to put your phone in a bowl of rice and

This is the same idea except the success right here at least according to the

Company is over eighty-five percent i have actually tried it myself on the

Elephant p 8008 did rescue it so it’s a thumb up from me.


Wireless Power Bank

Wireless Power Bank

Wireless Power Bank

Next up we’ve got the wireless power bank and this unbranded one right here

At twenty dollars does the trick very nicely

We’ve got a capacity of 4,000 milliamp hours which is not as much as you’d get

If you bought a wide one but the convenience of actually using a wireless

One although it seems like a big novelty to begin with should not be

Underestimated this power bank uses the Qi charging standard and most modern

Smartphones are starting to have this built in so you don’t need to install

Any third-party software you let you just plug your phone on and charging

Begins as well as having to USB slots you’re actually able to charge three

Devices simultaneously it also has fast charging technology using the wide

Connection and for the price it’s one of the better looking power banks out there


Carved Case

Carved Case

Carved Case

So then we have the card case now carved as a website that’s actually started

Quite recently and it makes some of the most expensive but also ludicrously

Beautiful smart phone cases they range anywhere from about twenty dollars all

The way up to a hundred plus and also can’t exactly speak about the quality of

The more expensive ones 1 I’ve got right here for my s7 edge is an absolute steal

Yes I mean $25 is a lot to pay for a case but this transforms the way the

Phone feels and it’s functional to the company’s actually included ever seen

Around the edges and that transitions really smoothly with the wooden back and

It’s also very protected so the last bit of tech on this list is a

Little bit.


Hologram Projector

Hologram Projector

Hologram Projector

Different this is the hologram projector you might be aware that about a year ago

I made a tutorial on how to actually make one of these but if you don’t have

The materials to do it or you’re just feeling a little bit lazy then you can

Now buy them in shops and for just two dollars you can transform your

Smartphone into something that can produce holographic images and trust me

It’s a sight to behold the guys thanks a lot.



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