Best Tech under $100

So you guys have given me amazing feedback on some of my previous best

Tech episodes so i spent the last two weeks literally scouring the internet

Trying to find even better tech than ever to feature on this best tech under

$100 let’s get started

Solo One Speaker

Solo One Speaker

Solo One Speaker

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So the first piece of tech is fittingly called the solo one and it’s a desktop

Speaker it plugs into the mains and you can connect wirelessly by Bluetooth or

NFC with your phone

It’s also got a fancy touch panel on top which used to control volume and turn it

On and off inside this beautiful wooden enclosure we’ve got 10 watts of power

You getting really good volume as well as powerful bass unfortunate the detail

Is not the best at the price it’s not worse but you can do better but to be

Honest with a body like this I would always buy it .




just for looks and number

Two actually cost a little bit more than a hundred but i had to put in this list

Because it’s just amazing

So these are then y by 2 girls and a hundred and twenty-nine dollars gets you

An aluminum housing get your remote that can be customized and has a really

Decent microphone and some amazing packaging literally every accessory

Under the sky comes with these earphones and is presented in a way that makes you

Feel really special and i only do they look fantastic but the sounds remarkably

Clean they need no external application and even have a kick in the base

Department so all around a very impressive earphone .

Cinema Mount

Cinema Mount

Cinema Mount

next up we have the

Same amount for your smartphone and this is kind of like a smartphone camera lens

On steroids

It’s got a rosewood handle from Thailand it’s got a beautifully constructed

Machine built element your body you can clip onto any tripod it’s got a level

Which can tell you if for example your phones tilted and you can click on?

Lenses so in the box you got a macro lens as well as a wide angle lens the

Macro lets you move in super close to objects probably two to three times

Closer than you normally would be able to and the wide-angle.

Tronfy S1 Projector

Tronfy S1 Projector

Tronfy S1 Projector

just captures more

In your image out $75 we’ve got the s-1 projector with the native resolution of

800 x 480 for a projector it’s actually quite impressive

It has a bright image with fairly high contrast and some pretty vibrant colors

Which was unexpected for this price and it’s bright enough so that the room

Doesn’t exactly need to be pitch black when you’re using it you’ll still be

Able to see it now 800 x 480 probably sounds like a disaster of a resolution

When it comes to project is actually looks quite sharp you’re standing maybe

45 meters away and the image look really good so this is by the company

Transfer who I’m not going to lie I’ve never heard

Off but it looks and feels solid to.

Zuzi Smart Lamp

Zuzi Smart Lamp

Zuzi Smart Lamp

number five is the Z smart wireless lamp

And it’s a lifesaver

As you know a lot of my indoor shots actually put lights in the background

And this is my first go-to to start with its wireless so it looks super clean

With nothing coming out of it and also means you can take outdoors if you

Wanted to

It’s got up to 16 million different shades of color it can show and with 450

Lumens of brightness it can actually like a whole room and talk about the

Lighting is really even which is not something I expected something this Chi

And we’ve got a pretty cool-looking charging .

Splash Tunes Pro

Splash Tunes Pro

Splash Tunes Pro

dock to number six is a cool


This is the splash tunes pro and it’s a speaker is actually quite a good speaker

But more importantly it’s a waterproof shower speaker it’s got a little suction

Cup on the end and you can just plug it on your wall in your shower and forget

About it all the controls are built into the face and they’re marked well it’s

Easy to read there’s nothing to complain about

And the battery life is fantastic you can probably squeeze up to 12 hours of

Straight usage analyst which is a lot of showers in terms of the sound it’s not

Exactly a neutral approach it’s quite heavy on the base but i find myself

Thoroughly enjoying it.

Hammo S

Hammo S

Hammo S

Next up is the hammer is and in my opinion decently best beats replacement

Headphones not to say they’re the best happens out right before someone who

Wants to look and feel of the beats headphone you should get this instead

Not only is the sound quality miles more detailed but the field is also more

Premium it’s sturdier I think the colors a corner and the finish is nicer

It’s a matte finish the questions are also just as comfortable as you’d find

On beats and it comes with almost the identical hard case.

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