Best Gaming Simulator Chair Racing {PS4/Xbox One/PC}

Best Gaming Simulator Chair Racing PS4 Xbox One PC

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Chicago gained a leader in the coin op and home recreation industry is proud to introduce the redline GT in your home you can now have a game theater for immersion into flight and racing simulation only thought to be available at the arcade you can now experience an incredibly fully captivating flight or racing platform for your favorite PC and PlayStation games whether your choice is Gran Tourisms or x-plane there is no better system to deliver the overall simulator experience than the redline GT equipped with a full range vibrating quick tilting chair a telescoping steering wheel rapid adjustable pedals and quick-set armrest for maximum comfort and long-term player experience the redline GT is designed to house both the PlayStation and a pc there’s no need to switch wires or move controls but with the press of a button the player can instantly switch driving and flight simulator controls from a PC to a PlayStation most arcade simulators have hardened plastic chairs however the redline GT is equipped with a crafted automotive high-back chair for hours of unsurpassed comfort regardless of your height and configuration the redline GT adjusts to your individual body type with the quick tilt technology and full range seat slide the chair quickly adjusts to the players needs for extra comfort the quick-set arm rests raise and lower into position instantly as they lock into position the reline GT is equipped with Logitech g27 driving controls which have quickly become the player’s choice for being the most advanced top-performing steering shift and pedal controls in the industry the forced feedback steering wheel provides the player with a real feel of the road as it responds to resistance of the tires on the track bumps in the road or a collision the steering wheel is adjustable for the players comfort with a telescoping steering wheel feature the pedals can quickly be adjusted to move forward and back before locking into position the six speed shifter is always ready and positioned on the fixed platform the flight controls easily pivot and lock into position from either the right or the left side depending on your preference the redline GT is equipped with a five channel 170 watt custom audio amplifier coupled with four speakers that are designed to immerse the player in a rich vibrant audio experience you’ll feel the energy of the 100 watt vibration transducer designed specifically to rattle the player physically reproducing every nuance of the road the easy access control allows you to dial in the volume and vibration setting to match your mood and Need for Speed the redline GT simulator will fit in anyone’s home it breaks down into three easily assembled components it’s only 32 inches in width and fits through most standard doorways and is designed to fit around those basement stairwell terms it assembles in no time so you can quickly be up and enjoying your game the redline GT is also equipped with a keyboard drawer that allows the player to conveniently access the keyboard and mouse for computer commands.

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