AMD VEGA Shown Running 4K at Ultra

AMD VEGA Shown Running 4K at Ultra

AMD Vs Intel Choosing The Right CPU

Ultimate Portable Gaming PC Setup! 2016 featuring

it was coverage of CES 2017 is brought to you by fractal design msi & Cable model check out the links in the description below or the Academy will revoke the Oscar what is this was a fake enthusiasm class gaming for k60 at Ultra IQ preset with doom yeah okay no big deal whoo-hoo powered by Vega and ryzen oh snap this this might be the first Vega demo that I’ve ever seen in person and rising for that matter but that’s pretty impressive guys were actually seeing above 60 60 Hertz or 60 frames-per-second i should say with this AMD combo GPU cpu setup which is really impressive again this is at 4k we’re getting really smooth frame rates i played the I played a little bit just earlier and the playback is super fluid and AMD is super excited about this they still have a lot of work to do they say but things are looking super promising right now I’m saying super lot because it’s just a super word but basically i was talking to one of the reps and he was telling me that the horizon ship that they’re currently working with at the current state is just about on par with the 6700 k that’s a core i7 from Intel on which is definitely very promising and as far as vegas concerned we’re actually looking at perhaps right now as of now a ten percent increase in performance over the gtx 1080 and mind you that’s with an engineering board and in like alpha drivers so imagine the possibilities hopefully we see an even bigger increase come final release date but impressive demo right here for AMD and I don’t know yet been here but there’s quite a bit of families but that’s because they’ve actually taped out the entire top panel here so that you know media people like me can look inside and see stuff so I think they just create the fan to a hundred percent obviously this is a reference cooler so I’m probably a single blower style fan and look at this it you actually feel the top here it’s really not it’s really not too warm at all which is a good sign considering that this all closed off with taken since it’s pretty cool and actually it’s fairly cool here I can feel some heat right about there can feel your Vega feel your heart beating close to mine in sync not the band okay I’m done by the way I forgot to mention this but according to AMD both the cpu and GPU and the system are running at stock speeds there’s no overclocking here so that’s also cool check out this bad boy holy smokes this is an i buy power pc so pre-built of course but still looks pretty glorious apart from just having a ridiculous amount of hardware in here terms of GPU horsepower we do also have our first look at my first look actually in person of the sous America or Africa think it’s aarika am for motherboard yep I’m not even at the acc booth there were there were no him for board that i saw so i was pretty exciting kind of get a look there what it looks like a minute there’s definitely not like crazy heat sinks or anything it’s not like a gamer centric board it looks like but there you have it folks it’s rocking the aim for water block there with the rising chip underneath all right check out the same for motherboard this is from Max on I’ve actually never heard of this manufacturer before I think it’s maybe a Chinese brand but it isn’t am-4 socketed motherboard for the rising cpu and you can see the there’s been a lot of like controversy on like why they changed their socket type as missed most of you guys probably know by now I’m you’re going to need to buy an am for specific cpu cooler in order to fit on this new socket it’s actually because the cpu horizon ship has more wins than the am3+ platform did so because of that they actually had to widen the mounting points for the brackets and that actually obviously requires a new cooler so I thought that was kind of interesting we finally have an answer maybe I’m just late to the party but now we kind of know why you’re going to actually need to buy a new aim for cooler when these bad boys launch right here we’re taking a look at a bio starboard this is a is racing on it this is the be 350 GT 3 and of course be 350 is it is a different chipset than 370 X however that the cool thing is that even though it’s a bit more mainstream and economical you’re still going to be able to overclock your eyes and chip on this chipset so kind of get the best of both worlds is so to speak and obviously i don’t know if you guys have heard this yet but all there ships will be fully unlocked so you will be able to overclock them pretty much anyone with the motherboard of this caliper pretty sweet alright so that is going to wrap it up for my coverage of AMD here at CES 2017 I want to thank my sponsors so much for making this trip possible msi fractal design and cable not go ahead.

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