Ultimate Portable Gaming PC Setup! 2016 featuring

Ultimate Portable Gaming PC Setup! 2016 featuring

Ultimate Portable Gaming PC Setup! 2016 featuring

Ultimate portable gaming PC setup.

So you may have noticed this giant

38 inch Ultra Wide monitor from LG

Who are awesome enough to sponsor this Articles?

And make this whole setup happen.

However, all those pixels aren’t going to push themselves

Which is where this comes in?

The Razor Blade Stealth might be one

Of my favorite new laptops this year.

While Razor has been making solid computers for years,

The Stealth packs solid hardware

With a totally reasonable price.

With a 12.5 inch touchscreen display

That comes in either 2560 by 1440 or full 4K resolutions,

You’re getting a rock solid screen

No matter which confer you pick up

And that makes a difference.

While a thin and light laptop is hardly something

To get excited about these days,

What really jumps out to me is the build quality.

It’s all aluminum with a matte black coating,

Which feels premium?

There’s essentially no flex anywhere

And besides the glowing green Razor logo,

The branding is super minimal.

You’ve got a solid keyboard with full RGB lighting

That you can customize,

A good track pad,

Along with front firing speakers

On either side of the keyboard that get surprisingly loud.

Inside, you’ve got a brand new Core i7-7500U

Making the Blade Stealth one of the first laptops

With the new Intel Kay Lake processors.

It’s still a dual core part,

But it’s absolutely enough to keep up

With even fairly intense use,

Which is helped by the addition?

Of 16 gigs of RAM being standard

On everything but the base model.

When it comes time to get some work done,

All you need is single USB Type-C cable

To plug the Blade Stealth directly

Into our LG Ultra Wide displays.

The LG 38UC99 might be one

Of the craziest displays I’ve ever seen.

Ultra Wide monitors are always cool,

But this takes it to another level

With an enormous 38 inch 3840X1600 screens.

It’s hard to get across just how immersive

It feels on video.

The curved panel really does wrap around your setup.

With a 99% surge color accurate display,

It makes a lot of sense in professional uses,

Like photo and video editing,

Where that extra horizontal screen

Real estate can come in handy,

But it’s also good for gaming.

Not only does it have AMD’s Free Sync

To keep the refresh rate smooth in game,

But the actual panel itself is terrific as you’d expect.

Something I wasn’t expecting

Is just how good the built-in speakers are.

While getting a headset is still a good idea,

I had no problems gaming with monitor audio.

Around back, you’ll find the standard variety of ports,

But the coolest part is USB-C.

Plug the Blade Stealth in

And you’ve got a pair of USB 3 ports

On the monitor you can use

And if you have a less powerful laptop like a MacBook,

It’ll even charge over the same cable.

If you want to get your hands on this hotness,

LG actually has a contest going on right now

Where they’re giving away 15 of these

For the Ultra Wide Festival 2016.

Ultra Wide Festival 2016

Ultra Wide Festival 2016

Ultra Wide Festival 2016

You can enter by creating a 21:9 Ultra Wide shot

For the monitor and submitting it

Using the link in the description.

While the Blade Stealth

Is a surprisingly killer little laptop?

If you want to get the most out of it,

Especially when it comes to gaming,

You’re going to want the Razor Core.

This takes advantage

Of the Thunderbolt 3 port on the Stealth

To let you install a full desktop graphics card.

It’s dead simple.

Just open up the Core, install a modern GPU

And plug the laptop in and you’re good to go.

While performance is definitely going to vary

Depending on which graphics card you use,

It makes a massive difference.

Ultra Wide display

Ultra Wide display

Ultra Wide display

Hooked into the Ultra Wide display,

You’re getting a rock solid experience.

You can also leave USB accessories and Ethernet

Plugged into the Core and while it does have a fan,

It’s still quieter than a lot of gaming PC’s.

The Core will also power the Stealth

While it’s connected,

Which makes it even cooler?

You can literally just pull

This tiny laptop out of your bag

And with a single cable, get a full gaming setup.

It feels like the future and I love it.

If you want some real portable gaming action,

You can get the Razor Turret,

Which is a mouse and keyboard?

That’s perfect for couch gaming.

The Stealth is totally powerful enough

To handle less intense gaming on its own,

But there’s always going to be a limit

On how much you want to do with a track pad.

The Turret pairs a wireless keyboard

With a mouse and slightly magnetic mouse pad.

It sounds weird, but it works surprisingly well.

There are plenty of times where I want

To game with a mouse and keyboard on a couch

And this is the best solution I’ve found yet.

It all folds up to a nice, portable package

And hiding inside the mouse

Is a USB dongle if you want to connect it?

To a system that doesn’t have Bluetooth.

It comes with a magnetic dock

That not only charges things,

But also keeps it nice and tidy on your desk.

It might not be crazy,

But I’m really happy with how the setup turned out.

It’s such a killer blend of portability and power.

As always, links to everything I talked about

Will be in the description.

Hopefully you guys enjoyed

And I will catch you in the next one.

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