How to Transfer Photos From iPhone To Computer

How to Transfer Photos From iPhone To Computer

How to Transfer Photos From iPhone To Computer

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today I’m going to show you how to easily transfer photos from your iPhone or your iPod directly to your pc so stick with me now to transfer your photos or videos directly to your pc follow these steps now if you need to do this on Mac I’ve already done a tutorial for that so I’ll leave a link below if you need two directions on how to do this with a mac but I’m going to show you how to do this on a pc right now I’m using Windows 10 the new windows but it pretty much works the same whichever version of windows you’re using first thing you want to do plug in your iPhone using the USB cord I’ll do that right now if this is the first time you’ve done that right down in here you’re going to get a message and it’ll ask you what you want to happen every time you plug this device in for me I chose that I wanted to open up the file so that i could see what’s on my iPhone I’ll show you another easy way to access the folder or your iPhone click here click File Explorer


now you’ll see that your iPhone is right here so you want to click on that on your iPhone as well when you connect it you’re going to get a popup message was going to ask you allow this device to access photos and videos and you want to click allow


after you’ve done that go ahead and double-click on internal storage going to see this folder called DCIM double click that now I’ve got two folders here one says 100 apple and one says 101 Apple these are storing my photos videos and any other images that i have I’ve got quite a few so it’s stored them in two separate folders let’s go ahead and open this one after it loads all of your photos you’ll see all of your

photos lined up similar to this we get rid of that folder I’m going to go through from scratch and show you exactly how i do this first of all to you can store these either on your pc directly or you can use an external hard drive my choice usually is to use an external hard drive but I’ll show you how to do both right here right click on your desktop scroll down to New create a new folder I’m just going to title this one photos


now if you want all of them in order just click that first photo there hit your shift button and click the last photo where you want it to end and then you’ll drag those over or if you have individual photos that aren’t in order you want to click control so I’ll hit this first photo and then say i want that third photo keep your finger on that control and click you know just the different photos you want so that way again you don’t have to keep them in any specific order once you’re finished you want to just drag them all over like that so that’s it’s that simple that’s how you take them directly from your iPhone or your iPod and get those photos onto your pc now if you’ve got an external drive just go ahead and hook up your external drive


We do that real quick I just hook up my external drive and you’ll see it right here passport e now you do the same thing I’ve got one entitled movies there right click new folder again photos


And I’ll put these open and two separate windows to do that just right click on apple iPhone and click open a new window.


So now you can access both of these at the same time you’ll follow the same steps internal storage DCIM Apple let it load your photos and it’s the same thing if you want to get again just one by one take



that photo drag it over there two photos multiple photos again click that first one hit shift and select the last one and again drag them straight over to photos right there that’s how you do it so that’s how you transfer your photos either from your iPhone or ipad directly to your pc or you can use it on an external drive as well i hope this helped you.



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