Top 7 New Best Tech: Toys under $50

LED Keyboard

LED Keyboard

LED Keyboard

Number one is the wireless keyboard like a mile now forty dollars is a lot to pay

For keyboard but it’s built really well we’ve got an aluminum finish all the

Way around it feels and looks just like an apple one and the best days we’ve got

Lids seven colors to be precise the field to actually type on is really

Tactile feels far better than the one on my MacBook pro which is surprising

Considering it’s basically an imitation anything i would say that the enter key

Is just a tiny bit too small i kept missing it was a bit weird is that about

20 minutes after buying this keyboard the listing disappeared so the one of

The link below is slightly different but it’s not exactly the same spec.




next up

We have surge this one caught me by surprise for twenty dollars you get

Eight packs at this squiggly little substance and what it does is it turns

Into rubber surge is stored in little airtight bags and 30 minutes after

Taking our transform something more like a blue tack to something more like a

Pencil eraser so you can use it to insulate wires you can use it to repair

Ceramic I thought it was really cool and it works just as described for example

My MacBook cable currently has a bit of a Tarrant and I did try setting up with

Some plastic which helped somewhat but putting this over-the-top has completely

Insulated again.


3D Printing Pen

3D Printing Pen

3D Printing Pen

Next up is something really exciting this is a 3d printing pen and this is

Cheap as they’ve ever been


We found one here for $35 it works through the means and as soon as you

Plug it in the temperature starts going up and when it hits 240 degrees you can

Feed in the plastic that comes with it and it just comes out the other side

Melted and it’s amazing to watch you can draw structures in the air because

Pretty much one second after leaving the end of the nozzle the plastic is hard as

You can see my little abstract structure here doesn’t exactly look fantastic but

With a bit of time you can make some awesome stuff.




Next up we have the sonic mum 489 and this thing has two factors that

Differentiate it from pretty much every other headphone out there and the first

One is these bad boys the cushions on this headphone are immense putting the

Mom just takes you to a happy place

It makes you feel like you’re somewhere else and the other thing is the base

When they created these headphones sonic was trying to create competitor for

Sony’s XB line of headphones and they did just that the base is powerful it’s

Something its skull shaking

Unfortunately these are the most detailed and they don’t have a removable

Cable but nonetheless for the price you pay is still a solid.

OttLite Desk Lamp

OttLite Desk Lamp

OttLite Desk Lamp

I so the fifth item is your flight desk lamp before this purchase I’ve never

Heard of this company but I mean it works well so it doesn’t bother me now

It’s a desk lamp and fifty dollars is a lot to pay for something like this but

It works well it’s got three brightness settings the build is fantastic but also

It’s got this unusual little or the bottom which can output 16 million

Different colors so this thing also doubles as a mood light the base is not

Exactly the brightest thing out there in a well-lit room you won’t be able to see

That well but going into nighttime actually found a really good thing to

Sleep .





next to so then added sliver under fifty dollars we’ve got this boom box to

Speaker from easy estimates are these guys aren’t amazon store and the quality

Of the build it was really quite impressive considering it’s not exactly

An established brand you also get a fancy suede scrap which makes it feel

Like the real deal in terms of the sound it does have a decent amount of detail

For the price you pay for the base is not huge on the bright side though it

Actually produces omnidirectional sound so the Sun Laurel comes out the front

Doors out the rear so what normally happens with Bluetooth speakers is that

When someone sitting on the other side of them

It sounds been muffled and this one eliminates the problem.


Spivo Stick

Spivo Stick

Spivo Stick

last but not

Least we have these spiders stick now this allows you to hold your Gore or

Smartphone if you want to take videos and as you’d expect considering it does

Cost fifty dollars for a stick this 50 does have something up its sleeve one

Press of this button here switches the camera by 180 degrees exactly so that

Changes your camera view from a blog style video to action star video and the

Ability to do that in an instant without sort of taking off the camera cutting

And trimming the video is an invaluable thing to have when you’re really paying

For here is the quality the fact that it will turn exactly 180 degrees each time

Because i really do think that for a piece of plastic fifty dollars is a big

Asking price but it’s here

It works well and there’s pretty much no alternative guys that’s it for me .


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