Top 5 Weird Websites 2016

Top 5 Weird Websites

Top 5 Weird Websites

Top 5 Weird Websites

The 10 CREEPIEST WEBSITES on the Internet

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Well here’s a list of the 5 weirdest websites on the net to kick you in the eyeballs and help you waste just a little bit more of your online life force.

At #5

On our weirdest web sites list, we have People of Walmart are the internet home to pictures of all the beautiful and super-fly people who shop at Walmart. You know walmart gets a bad rap, But I mean c’mon- where else can you get a case of beer and a bucket of chicken for $20. …This guy had too much beer and chicken, but my point is still valid.


At #4

We have, where you can find some just flat-out bad attempts at the English language that have shown up in Asian countries. Among this big bag of nonsense, you’ll find random cursing, super tidy puppies, and coffee that you probably don’t want to drink.

At #3

On the weirdest web sites list, we’ve got lame book, a site that lists funny posts from Facebook. On the site you’ll find more burns than a trauma center on the fourth of July. If anyone has ever posted some devastatingly mean, soul-crushing shit on Facebook, it’s all here. Like this helpful advice given to some teenage girl.

 At #2

Its, with tons of well. Awkward family photos. Like douche chill inducing shots of smiley kid, afro family, redneck prom pics, and the 80s rock-hair family.

At #1

On our weirdest sites countdown, it’s This site gives you not just fat chicks in party hats, but also a ton of pictures of other people who are… big boned… big FAT bones. Anyway, each picture is tagged with strange insulting captions all delivered in comically broken English by a guy named Miguel. The comments may not always be funny, but they are always weird enough to leave you wondering wt.? So that’s it, our countdown of the five weirdest web sites on the internet for you to enjoy with your face. And if you’re too lazy or too high to type in the Urls, all of the sites are linked in articles. If you know of some weird sites that weren’t included, be sure to drop a comment below and let everyone know about them, so the rest of us can check me out and get our internet “weird” on. That’s all for now.

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