Tesla Model 3 Fully Charged

Tesla Model 3  Fully Charged

Tesla Model 3 Fully Charged


Hello and welcome to ultimate tech news I don’t want a fully charged to become the Tesla fan boy channel but we have to face facts there has been a bit of news about Tesla lately just very recently Tesla launched the model 3 and this news actually got into the mainstream media was actually in things called newspapers some of you older viewers will remember newspapers it was a way of communicating data using dead trees the Tesla Model 3 now those of you very few of you I imagine watching this not to converse and with the meteoric history of tesla motors the company was founded in 2003 in California with the other very modest plan and that was to completely change the world now they initially produced a high-performance two-seater electric sports car the tesla roadster and they sold enough of those it got them enough money to then start making the tesla model s and they produced loads of those and their offshoot of that

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tesla model x

tesla model x

The tesla model x and they produce loads of those and they sold thousands of them and that’s what gave him enough money and credibility to get to the point where they could then launched what was the original plan the Tesla Model 3 what a car that is described as an affordable car for the masses a mass-produced car much less cost our test model’s starts at about 60,000 pounds.

tesla model’s s

tesla model’s s

tesla model 3

tesla model 3

so it’s definitely not a cheap car the Tesla Model 3 will start around 30,000 pounds when I absolutely sure the price yet but we will find out very soon I’m sure so that was their plan and what was born has been really interesting to watch is the impact that this one really small car company has had on the entire automotive industry.

The model 3 was launched with enormous amounts of fanfare and who planned it was all models and everyone was excited and people in this country got up in the middle of the night to watch it was all wonderful and then we suddenly saw this new car and it was all my god that’s the new Tesla Model 3.

Do I like it it’s got any one display in the middle of the dash board it’s got no speedometer in front of the driver oh my god I hate it I love it I can’t stand it’s brilliant it’s horrible all that stuff have in the first minute and a half of it being revealed but was extraordinary was the number of people who put down a deposit to buy one so, if you paid a thousand dollars in America a thousand pounds

Here which is a lot more than a thousand dollars yeah we always get short shrift in this country then you could you order your car now and you’d be first in the queue for when they’re made and what is extraordinary is since it was launched a couple of days ago more than 270 6,000.

People around the world have put down their thousand dollars thousand pounds thousand euros deposit that we’re talking billions of pounds of gone into Tesla Motors and here’s the important thing no one in the world outside of Tesla has driven the car no members of the press no members of the public very few people have actually seen it and yet 276,000 people have said yes.

I want one now that has really caught the attention of the automotive industry as a whole no one quest up outside a showroom over of another car manufacturer to put the deposit down on a car that they want possibly see before the end of 2017 if they’re lucky and probably in this country more likely the middle of 2018

it’s unprecedented it truly is remarkable I’ll go even further it’s barking mad it seems no one really expected an electric car to receive such an amazing response especially when oil prices are as low as they’ve been in a decade because what this really shows these people aren’t buying electric cars because they’re cheaper to run which they are or they’re less environmentally damaging which they are no they’re buying them because they’re better there are also buying them because the people who decide to buy them are generally seeing a slightly bigger picture there’s one really interesting fact that illustrates this it’s been noticed that whenever people get solar panels loads of them .

then want to get an electric car whenever people get an electric car loads of them want to get solar panels the demand for both those things is constantly rising and the cost of both those things is constantly falling in fact that demand for the Tesla Model 3 is so enormous that says there are now planning on building a new factory in Europe and where might they built this factory this is so bizarre you could not make this up.

The French government has just suggested that Tesla build their factory in a disused nuclear power station now according to recent reports from France signaling hi al who is the French minister of the environment and energy and I actually love her offered the building which is located in Alsace to elon musk’s company you know come over here use our nuclear power station for your days left gals it really be very that they said when we have cleaned it up which may take some time she’s gorgeous signaling sorry it’s just me I’ve got a bit of a thing from mature and rather fierce French women I’ll get over it so what do we know about this car well it’s going to cost in excess of thirty thousand pounds when it finally comes out in 2017 and for that you get a five-setter sedan with a range of around 250 miles.

They saying i would say that’s a realistic proper real-world range of like a hundred ninety to two-hundred miles but this bit is really important it will be super charger enabled now what does that mean that means that this car can use the super charges that are being installed all over the world the moment and that really makes a big difference now to make Tesla’s 500,000 model 3 is a year would require a rather a lot of batteries are currently the entire global capacity for battery manufacturer could not meet this demand so, Tesla is now nearing completion on what they described as their gigafactory in Sparks Nevada.

This one plant which is going to be I think that everyone’s claiming the largest single building on the face of the planet in terms of its footprint it’s just huge completely solar-powered this one plant will literally double the global production of lithium-ion batteries and allow the company to meet its targets so we’ve all got a long wait until we get to go in the model 3 yours truly is not going to be sitting behind the wheel of a pressed version of the car until I reckon mid 20 18.

I wonder what I’ll do here because that’s when my lease is running out on the tesla model’s I know what I’ll do I’ll least a massive diesel SUV and sit outside of primary school with the engine taking over for hours while I make a couple of calls not really and finally if you have supported fully charged on patrons i am enormously grateful to you thank you so much its turn making this show from a you know an interesting struggle into a challenging joy it’s brilliant and it’s made it possible for us to keep making more episodes so if you haven’t supported the program on patron don’t feel guilty there’s no pressure top if you want to then thanks just down there it’s very easy to click the link it takes you through the patrons page is very straight forward lot of people told me how easy is the first time they’ve used patron and it’s very simple I’ve used it before I think it’s brilliant system and if you haven’t subscribed well please do is we’re releasing a new show every week and I would hate it if you were to miss some of the fully charged goodness heading your way that’s all for now if you have been thank you for watching I regularly hear from people who would love an electric car but say they can’t afford one I mean you could describe buying a new car as insane but have you thought about leasing one well that’s what I do with my test the model S it’s on a lease for three years now it’s worth checking out drive electric that’s who I least my car through and they’re really nice people they’re really easy to deal with now this isn’t a paid advertisement thing like that I just want to support what drive electric are doing because they are getting electric cars to a lot of people who could never afford to buy one is worth checking out drive electric.

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