Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Full Reviews


Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Full Reviews

Couple weeks ago but this is everything you need to know about the phone that

I’ve used as my daily driver since it drops son points for the galaxy note 7

Are the design refresh some camera improvements a bunch of new software

Features and explosions let’s cover all of that so the new design is something

Of a mix between the galaxy s7 edge and the note 5 so plenty of glass on the

Front and the back symmetrical on the sides from front to back and curved

Enough on both edges that it has what’s called a dual edged display so the glass

Just kind of sort of melts over onto the sides of the phone to the metal rails

And it’s built extremely well honestly between this and the galaxy s7 edge

Samsung seems to be on top of the build quality game as far as smartphones go

Right now it turns out to not be that slippery thanks to the metal rails on

The side where your fingers rest you can still drop a deeper and skin on the back

To show less fingerprints or add a bit more grip on the back I’ll leave a link

To it below but yeah

Overall pretty happy with the build and the finish on the note 7 and the

All-black is definitely my favorite look there is a new blue coral color and it

Kind of looks pretty neat to a lot of people like it but I’m a fan of the

All-black look on pretty much any smartphone so the only problem i found

With the dual edged display is actually sometimes when I’m holding it I don’t

Realize that like part of my hand is actually still touching the display so

It seems like it’s unresponsive at first but it’s just cut I’m holding it wrong

So that’s my bad but it’s just the way you hold it as far as what’s inside the

Note 7 it’s pretty much using the highest-end parts available so

Snapdragon 820 for your bytes of rams and upfront stills an incredible quad HD

Super AMOLED display and let me just say this is still with Samsung is doing best

In the business right now other phones are getting better technology in their

Displays and there are some other great looking smartphone displays right now

However, none of them matches this in my opinion the vividness in the brightness

In the sharpness and color it just looks great now it is one of those phones were

I would never have to worry about being able to see it even outdoors even when

It is like sunny in the car and abroad

Area when brightness goes all the way up on auto brightness in a well-lit area it

Really pushes the brightness so i can always see the screen even when I’m

Navigating or something like that it is awesome

So this is hands down the best display in a smartphone and another thing that’s

Best-in-class on the note 7 is the camera so it’s brought up from the

Galaxy s7 and s7 edge it is actually the exact same camera from those phones so

12 megapixel sensor and F 1.7 aperture with optical image stabilization all

That has come up and when it first came out, i would say it is absolutely the best

camera and any smartphone now iPhone 7 come out since then and it gets pretty

close it has some other novel features that make it unique but still has an

all-around camera this is a huge selling point i have a ton more photos from this

camera since I’ve gotten it and it’s kind of because it’s one of those

cameras that encourages me to take a lot of photos autofocus and actually opening

the camera app and snapping a photo are super quick so it just feels easy to

take lots of photos and take lots of great photos and this is basically a

continuation from how good it was in the galaxy s7 as you can see great colors

great dynamic range for a smartphone camera and excellent sharpness and

detail not too overdone or over process like Samsung cameras used to be and just

a bigger phone overall actually kind of makes it a bigger handle to take a photo

or video with so who knows i might even help with stabilization so the photos

and 4k videos you get out of this phone without even any editing or touch ups

which you can do in a row mode continue to be really impressive now a big part

of what’s made the note series especially from the beginning when I

first came out a very popular phone with power users like me is not only the fact

that it was always like a really big phone but it’s just always had like all

of the latest all the best features that Samsung’s have to offer its packed to

the gills with features got the s-pen stylus it’s got multitasking with

multiple apps available at the same time is basically doing everything it can to

take advantage of the high-end hardware that you get so this phone is full of

the best Samsung makes and to be fair Samsung has done a really good job of

keeping a lot of the great features in the phone without making the software

feel like overwhelming

there used to be just stuff everywhere but it’s pretty tame now it’s actually a

little bit more organized so things are a little bit easier to find this is

search function in the settings app so a lot of neat features are tucked

in there and they’re not all screaming your face they’re just kind of waiting

around the corner so one of the newest flashiest ones is the iris scanner it’s

a new method for unlocking your phone that takes advantage of the new sensor

in the top of the phone along with an infrared light blaster that you can

actually see an action when it’s scanning and all want you to do is

basically hold the phone up to your face for a second while it reads your eyes to

identify you and logs you in the kind of seems like straight out of the future

when it actually works well as far as i know it can’t be fooled with photos of

you or other people’s eyes I didn’t think it’s quite as secure as other

security methods but despite me wearing contacts which says can impede it

works really well in fact it actually seemed to learn my eyes over time so a

week after setting this up iris scanning was really fast i still prefer

fingerprint reader though of course there are other things like the S Pen

features that evolved from year to year with the note i may not use this thing

much but when I do it’s kind of nice

so the planet itself is now much more sensitive to different levels of


the tape is smaller so it feels like riding with an actual pen instead of

like a marker and it’s now designed so you definitely can’t stick it in

backwards and break it

oh yeah it’s still cookie in case you’re wondering my favorite us Penn feature is

the ability to screen capture instantly and then converted into a jiff that you

can share super useful and actually really fun plus you still have all the

capture and drawing tools from before so even with all these added features

overall performance on the note 7 is pretty much always on point as you would

expect from high-end specs like this i say pretty much though because every

once in a while like I would wake it up and try to start using it and it was

just lag a lot for no reason for a couple seconds before it would snap out

of it

I don’t really know why it still does this like it has gotten a few software

updates to possibly fix it but it still does this sometimes so i got to mention

it but anyway when it’s not doing that its handling everyday use like a beast

is super smooth and snappy multiple apps open at the same time swapping between

them browsing a lot gaming a lot all that stuff no problem the one thing a

lot of heavy use will hit though is definitely your battery life

this actually has a smaller battery than the galaxy s7 edge even though it’s a

bigger phone because it has that slot in the side for the stylist so smaller

battery and bigger screen on the front

so the battery life on the note 7 is really just about average it used to be

that phone that everyone took to CES and everyone took two shows and long road

trips because it was that phone that had a massive battery and it was removable

both of those things are no longer the case i can definitely still get my three

hours of screen on time with my heavy high-brightness above-average use but I

definitely have to charge it every night I never really ended day with like

thirty percent left or anything I’m pretty much always looking for a charger

by the end of the day anyway there are a bunch of other little things that make

the note 7 a great phone still for a power user it has fast charging which i

think is kind of underrated the best fast charging phones are like lifesavers

to me it has wireless charging still it has USB type-c which I like and a

headphone jack of course and there’s expandable storage as well buy a micros

and the whole phone is also now water-resistant and ip67 certified so

this is the first year that the Galaxy Note get this extra durability that’s

really awesome to see I feel like people don’t really appreciate how difficult it

is to water seal phone from the inside without affecting the outside like we’ve

seen water-resistant phones before that’s not new but they all look like

water resistant phones what I have like a flap or something weird that just

doesn’t look that good

this pretty much has the same exact design as you would expect so that’s a

nice bonus the only part that i would say actually does suffer from the

waterproofing is the speaker that speaker on the bottom it’s pretty weak

and it’s small and easy to block and it’s not super loud

I mean pretty much all waterproof fur water-resistant phones have some false

or difficulty with the speaker that’s just a hard thing to do but I think

Samsung didn’t really have a big problem with this because previous Samsung

phones have had pretty lousy speakers anyway so it gets moderately loud but

it’s pretty tinny and distorted when it gets that loud so yeah it’s that’s

probably the worst part of the phone right there now of course we’ve got to

address the elephant in the room he probably been thinking about this whole

review and that would be explosions no matter how good a phone is if a hundred

of them explode within a month of it being out it yak know that’s

pretty bad you kind of messed up so the no7 has a bit of reputation now I get it

it’s really easy to make jokes about how but that the main officially the main

issue was with the battery overheating while charging especially in like hot

environments like a car outside

or while using third-party chargers while the batteries would actually swell

up to the point where some of them would literally explode so what Samsung did

was offer a full voluntary recall which was kind of rocky you probably know

about the way carriers work in the United States but they kind of did what

they can but now so when they’re selling notes Evans you know you have one of the

batch that isn’t a risk of exploding if it has a little green battery indicator

on the front that is one of the new batch so if you’re on like a flight or

something and the flight attendant says hey is that a note 7 you got to power

That down for the flight at least you can. and be like hey this is one of the

new ones so it actually won’t explode my never exploded but that doesn’t mean it

would never have done anything weird so I did return it if you have an old one

you should to get a new one

i did an hour all good so assuming we’re talking about the new note 7 the ones

that are now being sold with the green battery indicator this is the best phone

that Samsung makes right now for sure I’ll right alongside the galaxy s7 edge

which i think it could be a toss-up for which phone is better for certain people

this one is a little bit bigger has a little bit of a bigger display but it’s

got it’s just chock full of features it is stuffed to the gills and it is still

a power users phone it’s also pricey but i would say it’s also worth the price to

have the best camera in any smartphone the best display any smartphone and one

of the best experiences that Samsung has ever put together in the Android world

overall could recommend this phone again get the new one get the green battery

and you’re set

either way that’s been it thank you for watching this galaxy note 7 review hope

you enjoyed if you have any comments feel free to leave them below right

without like button and of course thank .

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