Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro (Indian Variant) – Unboxing & Hands on Testing

Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro (Indian Variant) - Unboxing & Hands on Testing

Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro (Indian Variant) – Unboxing & Hands on Testing

Let’s check out the

Indian variant of the galaxy a 9 pro already unboxed the Chinese variant of

The form of humans back and there is just a few differences between the two

Variants mostly with just the software so anyway opening up the box

We’ve got the ninth row itself let me keep it aside for the moment we’ve got

The instruction manual and there you have it the SAR value the sum ejector

Tool the travel adapter it’s a firewall 2am said after that supports adapter

Pass charging there’s also a micro USB cable and a better feel forms

Let’s now go ahead and peel it off the phone does feel bulky and heavy in hand

And of course that’s expected given that it carries a humongous fighters and math

Battery inside and the design

Well we have metal to the sides and 2.5 TD class both to the front and the back

Nice and here’s a quick color comparison with both the Aryan side by side moving

On up front people got an 8-megapixel camera your piece sensors and below that

There’s a gigantic 6-inch Full HD Super AMOLED display covered by Gorilla Glass

4 for protection to the back there’s a 16 megapixel camera with a single LED

Flash and the Samsung branding the law that we’ve got the warning rocket to the

Left and just the familiar bottom 3.5 mm headphone jack micros port the speaker

And the primary microphone to the right we’ve got a sum tray that can hold to

Nano Sims and up top is a secondary noise cancelling microphone and

Dedicated micros card slot because why not the Fond huge and something took the

Right decision of having a dedicated card slot in addition to the DSM trade

Anyway moving on then I’m pro is powered by Snapdragon 650 to processor that’s

For parted say 72 courses clocked at 1.8 gaga hertz each and for cortex a53 cause

Clocked at 1.4 gig at each coupled with the Adriano fight n GPU four gigs of RAM

And 32 gigs of on-board storage

And if that’s not enough for you can throw in a micro SD card up to 256

Gigabytes the inning programs on android 6.0 marshmallows order the box and this

Is where the differences from the other radian kick in the app drawer is no

Available by default and we’ve got Google play services built-in there’s

Flip board proving here instead of shoo that’s found on the other variant apart

From all this

We’ve got the regular features like one-handed operation multi window and

Floating windows for enhanced multitasking experience there’s no

Notification LED but we’ve got an Ambien sensor for auto brightness haptic

Feedback a gyroscope sensor and even optical image stabilization for the rear

Camera and here are a few pictures I short around the office so that’s pretty

Much it for this quick unboxing and hands-on don’t give it a thumbs up if

You liked it .

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