iPhone 7 vs Samsung Galaxy S7 Speed Test : review

hey guys is lost in it’s you want to find out which is faster the white ones at the galaxy as to find out by getting on with the new wife and seven but also the plus in Galatians of that to see how things that are only two previous boss models this year it actually speckled with this in plus rocking three whites memory compared to the set and with the same two gigs from six

iPhone 7 vs Samsung Galaxy S7 Speed Test : review

iPhone 7 vs Samsung Galaxy S7 Speed Test : review

that’s otherwise though they had the same eighteen fusion chip which promises big by improvement over the last generation on cannot be quiet for designed to batter batter like this wall of course the house is that in his new job either with the latest that eighty twenty prosser to fall for gigabytes of memory which it shares with big brother the smoking hot seven to start with we got the brand you do


good for those of the tiger prosser tested use for years it was even want that to measure how well will handle pay taxes are high school here makes you shippers the house snap your phone bills it’s clear that apple is a plane with the confusion with just over twice the signal for performance and you and the age we take all four course into account another big part of the reforms of bone


our graphics which is where to expunge bombs and while her performance graphics can enable some seriously impressive gains they also play a key role in keeping the interface running smoothly especially when you have bigger higher resolution displays here again i want water pretty clear when told of the new duties rings entirely at equation one yes noticeable lot like just kinda surprised me hot news


the issue to an intensive tasks like jean while both he and you can see the galaxy is that it isn’t it hot it’s also around thirty four degrees Celsius compared to twenty and iPhone both actually within reason for smart of course this force only taking so far so here’s a good job a new member from that these video years ago bob


rising sun meets again tonight because i do your best days so i talk all this marks with Israel’s stop at the stars needs the horror of this is world not scientific test last July takes the local he’s so a video of g. go get that job in a body agree


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doctor which is never happen is the word it’s hot and myself and superior gamer or yap just writes a huge accomplice john steed dictates that this is as a result i maybe that’s the title is surprisingly quiet plaster it Louis is which is a huge press the island

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