The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus Review Full

I’m real talk all the new iPhone this kind of tough for maybe get excited about from a distance it’s the same gently rounded slab big screen bowl of the same gently rounded apps to see what makes apples newest bones stand out you need to get closer I’m Michael fisher has been about a half dead with the iPhone zev



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Everything for iPhone 7 (Plus): Handpicked, round care

How much does the new cheap iPhone


And iPhone7 plus these are my notes from the honeymoon phase everything so holding a knife and iPhone 7 is the lot like holding a knife found six acts or six and Dennis said that the intro but it bears repeating because it’s the first


I’m apple has ever gone three years with the same basic design but fortunately the ugly antenna in layers have been minimized on the latest generation and they’re all but invisible on the new glossy jet black version which yes hold on to fingerprints just like you’d expect as much as Applegate doubt about how the spanish was a


why did it feels a new kind of like any other high and phone with the glossy coating on much preferred the matte black option which is more slippery but less prone to scratching and i think better looking of course you’ve got other color options to go be advised that the antenna lines will be more prominent on those.

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