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nothing beats typing with a full-blown keyboard even though touch screens have got more responsive and just better in general typing with two thumbs will never be typing with ten fingers interestingly enough I’m not the only person that agrees with that there’s a few app developers and even Apple themselves that share the same sentiment and because of this there are ways to text from your real keyboard and your computer instead of your phone so in this video I’m going to show you guys how you can actually text from your computer regardless of whether you have android or iOS first up if you have iOS and Mac this is actually going to be quite easy for you both devices have I message installed automatically it’s just a matter of making sure the settings are correct so that you can send and receive SMS and I message on both so first up on the Mac you’re going to open messages and then login with your iCloud account

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if you’re not already logged in on the phone you’re going to go to settings then messages make sure I messages on tap on a text message forwarding this allows the computer to send SMS and not just I message turn it on for your mac which would be displayed their put the code you see on your Mac into the field prompting you for it on your iPhone and tap allow

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at this point you can just open messages on your mac and start typing away if you had some issues with this please double check to make sure that your iCloud account of the same one on your mac as it is on your iPhone next up if you have an iPhone and a windows computer

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you’re in for a headache simply put there is no real good reliable simple way to get your messages on your Windows computer just because the way that iPhone is built it doesn’t like things messing with the messages you have the option to run an iPad simulator which can click the link below for that on your Windows computer and then you can set up I message on that and then you’ll be able to essentially do what I just said with the mac but with this iPad simulator on your Windows computer but that seems pretty convoluted to me so if you’re willing to jailbreak your phone there is another solution that’s a little nicer first up you need to jailbreak your phone if you’re willing to do this I click the link below to be taken to my jail breaking section on my site will have a list of all of the latest jailbreaks that exists if you are in a version of iOS that’s higher than the last one I have on that list you’re not going to do this until a new version of the jailbreak comes out when it does all the new video and it will be up on that section of the site then you can do it and continue from there but once you jailbreak and you have cydia installed just look for remote messages in their downloaded installed cost 499 and then follow the instructions there to get it set up and after that you’ll be able to just send messages directly through the browser window next up we have android now Google made hangouts able to send SMS when it’s on your phone but they still have not made it capable of doing that on your desktop so we have to rely on third-party apps but thankfully because android is so accepting of third party apps there is no problems like there is with an iphone and we can use them to easily text from our phone as well as our computer my two favorite apps that handle this SMS desktop stuff are push bullet and mighty text they both do essentially the same thing both have free versions now the difference here is that mighty text allows you to text 500 texts a month before you need to pay for more and push pull it only allows you to do a hundred


now I’m using this sporadically and an office that might be okay for you it’s not okay for me but either way both have a paid version that cost the same it’s about three dollars and thirty-three cents a month


if you pay for the year or its five dollars a month if you just do a month to month and it is that you do get a bunch of other features you can check the link below for what those are otherwise there is a completely free version called my SMS


but I find it a little glitch but again free so check that one out as well we’re going to which one you want to use it’s all pretty much the same setup process head to the Play Store search for and install either push bullet mighty texts or my ass mms open any of them once they’re installed and log in with your Google account and then go through the setup process then on your desktop just open your web browser I’m using chrome you can use Firefox for most of these as well head to the URL that the app gives you mighty text . Net / app push bullet, more apt on my SMS. com depending on which one you install obviously and then login with the same account that you logged into the app with when you install it on your phone optionally you can also install the chrome extension or Firefox extension of the app has one to get notifications on your desktop whenever someone texts you after that’s you’re all set you can start typing away and feeling the glory that is a real keyboard there you go the easiest way to send SMS from your Android or iOS phone


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