Honor 8 Camera Feature Focus Review

It was a guy is this is Bailey’s time with the injured authority meandering is of the unique to bring boldly high and dual key ever experience at an affordable price so in this video let’s take a closer look what there are a pool camera major focus has thick


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ah i thought now before we actually take a look at some sample images let’s get the technical details are the way for small yes they’re actually to camera lenses here with at two point two aperture is big sellers unique dual camera technology when you go to a picture the first look at the color image


will the second captures a monochrome image essentially this allows for much more lights reach the cameras sensors which is crucial for reducing better more vivid clothing pixel images with crispy or details and also with the whole of the faster aperture and larger pixel size the other is quite functional and lower leg conditions as well


also nellie the flashes the small detail the health even out skin tones when using the flash the laser works together with huntress detection for hybrid auto focus which father says improves the are of focus speed which is obviously very important one capturing times and the subjects also we can’t forget about to give itself practice in camera


with a path to play for aperture it seems to be this great results and although others beauty mode is alive and well there’s no slaughtered control the motives in softening the results can still look unnatural but you can always pull down the fact or cannot if need be the camera have also provides a bunch of primary camera mostly manual


around like h. d. r. in time lapse each of which works really well in this image the panorama loaded and excellent job with staging for example not all the results were perfect as you can see in this image of the vote is very well overall there’s also a wide aperture mode which it’s artificial background blurt out at zero point nine five


it’s really fun to play around with anything definitely get more artistic shot when using it with that set it off and stumbles incorrectly isolating the foreground in lower contrasting like this one although there is an h. d. r. mode manually selected both on the menu actually done it notice much of a difference when using and that’s probably because the norm


oh automatic mode already provides more than enough dynamic range switching over to the photos taken in our remote you can see just how well the cameras on the outer it are able to balance the high lights and shadows for example while the sky here is just a tad over exposed the statue in the center is surprisingly well the sales contest is pretty good to look.


ross the board and the pulsating do well with color saturation images are really over exaggerated but we’re still fairly punchy over all the other eight camera captures great still think of light and here’s a more general camera samples taken with the outer a third

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