Google pixel review specifications, features, comparison

Google pixel review specifications, features, comparison

Google pixel review specifications, features, comparison

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Google pixel review specifications, features, comparison

Hey what’s up guys n that here and this is The new Google pixel phone or two phones Pixel and a pixel XL they’re picking up Where nexus left off with this whole Stock Android experience thing and Showcasing the absolute latest of what’s Good with android so while Nexus phones Were Google working with manufacturers? Like HTC and LG and way to make the Phone pixel here is the first phone made Entirely by Google inside and out top to Bottom the whole thing so we’re getting Is a mostly anybody aluminum phone here With some chamfer action all the way Around the sides and overall pretty Round pretty familiar shape I’m an Antenna line goes across the bottom of The back and have the g logo the Google Logo now at the bottom replacing the Nexus rip nexus and then you have the

Top half of the back with this glass  Panel around the fingerprint reader so It’s a pretty interesting dual-tone look Dueled texture look I might have to let It grow on me for a little bit but Wireless charging wasn’t mentioned at All the events I’m not sure if this has Any utility but just a different look And upfront is the amole display which Looks great and on the white version of The phone above the display you can see Some cluster of sensors although the Black version of the phone i think Definitely hide this lot better as You’d expect and I think I like the Overall look at the black phone a little Bit better anyway it’s kind of my thing  And I can’t seriously be the first one To mention that chin wow Mike is it Really necessary to keep the phone  Symmetrical actually liked the nexus-6 Look of having a smaller chin because It’s not necessary to have a big chin The favor readers on the back the home And navigation buttons are on the screen So i would have loved to have seen a Smaller chain up here but oh well So the only difference between the pixel And pixel excel is the size the display Size of front and the battery size the 5.5 inch display of the excel and the 5-inch display of the pixel everything Else the specs the camera everything Else is identical so speaking specs this Is shaping up to be possibly the fastest Phone ever again It’s rocking a Snapdragon 820 one ship So it’s the first one to do that four Gigabytes of RAM and 32 or a hundred Twenty eight gigabytes of stuff Richard has USB type-c at the bottom Where the speakers are as you can see And quick charging claims to get seven Hours of charge in 15 minutes Oh and don’t worry it still does have a Headphone jack feels crazy every time I Have to say that but it’s true it’s Still up here at the top and the camera On the back claims to be the best On any smartphone by their

Pre-production dxomark ranking now me Can’t even keep track of how many Smartphones have claimed that anymore But it is promising It’s a 12 megapixel camera with a really Big sensor so 1.5 micron pixels which Are some of the biggest I’ve seen in? Awhile basically ultra-pixel at this Point FFT. Aperture 4k video and that LED flash and with the software Optimization they’re saying there’s Basically zero shutter lag so you can Take photos super quickly so it’s Definitely something I got to test more When I get it the few photos i did take In this environment they look decent but This is like the worst lighting possible

Full review for sure and yeah this is All launching with android 7.1 on board So looks like it will be the first and Only phone right out the box to get that And playing with it I found it pretty Nice Now the round icons and the couple new UI tweaks I can get used to that I mean At least all the icons of the same size Now but the rest of Android 7.1 is a Bunch of new features and a little Additions 27. Know the main one of Those being the Google assistant now Google assistant isn’t knew it was in Google’s aloe app you can use that Already but now they’ve built into the OS itself so it’s replacing what was Essentially Google now on tap for that Used to be so now anywhere in any app on Any screen you can long press the home

Button to get the little pop up for Google assistant and for their you can Ask a question you can ask about people Places things ask it to remind you Something or start playing music Chrome cast whatever it’s your assistant It does all that stuff now you can still Get the Google now on tap features by Swiping so if you still want that Awesome screen recognition stuff you can Long press on the screen and swipe up And you’ll have the now on tap features But yeah the assistant and all its Machine-learning awesomeness is a major New feature a major point for android 7.1 And the rest of the things I notice

Were pretty little like in the settings There’s a new tab over to the right Called support where you have direct Links to calling or Video chatting with tech support the new Home button animation you saw 1 I’ve Long press it but there’s this new fancy Animation every time you regular press Home and it’s quick but is nice you Can’t really miss it and this new Animated lock screen thing check this out Look at it like the canyon picture when I unlock it see it moving like that’s Crazy that has to be new right or at Least the images built-in for the Support our super good-looking now but Anyway that’s what’s good the first

Impressions from ear off the bat with The pixel phone and with the pixel Launcher is a bit of a mixed bag for Sure of the three new colors i would say The black one is my favorite not a Surprise but not going to lie that blue is Actually pretty good looking in certain Light but you’re going to want to love It to spend that premium price that this Phone is going to come in at it starting At six hundred forty nine dollars

Unlocked which makes sense for the Builder getting and the specs are Getting but you’re going to have to really Like it so I’m hoping to get my hands on This and the daydream view headset later This year and Google home and chrome cast Ultra and everything they announced but In the meantime let me know what you Think of pixel and pixel excel is this Your next phone is this enough to Convince you to spend your money i think The full review will be a lot of fun.


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