FIIL Diva Pro Review: Best Wireless Headphones From The Future

um if you’re planning on buying the new I’ve found seven you’ve probably heard that it doesn’t have a headphone jack well you could fill with adapters or deal with the proprietary connector taking your tunes you might consider going wireless with your headphones if you do you should also consider the us out Michael fisher and this is the feel

FIIL Diva Pro Review: best Wireless Headphones From The Future ©

FIIL Diva Pro Review: best Wireless Headphones From The Future ©

so the the pro has a lot to live up to and second and not what you might call an audio file so my test headphones I’d focus more on features and the overall experience in that arena the deeds of Perrot has a lot to offer the table stakes are all covered the headset weighs less than half a pound


the synthetic leather here cushions are very comparable to the set looks great next to the charge important but as there’s a three point five millimeter headphone jack if you want buy that flew to the wire and my new favorite picture is here active noise cancellation feel claims at twenty eight decimal reduction and back


now knows when it’s turned on him but that seems like to stretch that’s thirty six percent better sound suppression than what think you see thirty five is capable of and i think of those products is a veteran was canceled by air i do like that you can toggle the diva pros noise cancellation on and off the uneven tweak it there’s a monitoring about the lead


some frequencies and you don’t feel so isolated public will win the mode to combat breezy day is and then open mode that actually amplifies your surroundings as for the sound itself it’s crisp and quite lovely feel makes lot of claims about adding weight height and depth to music around about a rabbit


there’s no denying that I’ve been able to hear more detail and some tracks than with the crappy here busts are used to wear flooded either pro goes next level is imitator face instead of fiddling with the buttons to control the phones all you need to do is just like for murder back changes the tractor listening to


Well a burden controls the volume if you can also use your voice to tell the headset which track you want play and yet best if you’re listening to music and take the headphones off the song of automatically posits me to be put back on the reserves of this is my favorite kind of innovation ticket


feature that you only need to use wants to wonder why it’s not in every other product this you control the diva parrot with an android her Iowa south Korea found you can control which noise canceling motor ran tweak the equalizer for basic trouble my hand and some of that dimension I’ve talked about earlier with three d. sound b.

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