Everything Known About Nintendo’s NX

Everything Known About Nintendo's NX

Everything Known About Nintendo’s NX

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It has been a year and a half since we reveal the Nintendo was working on the follow-up to the Wii u dubbed the NX since then there have been more rumors and hoaxes than any other gaming products out there however the community has been drip fed little bits of info ends we are going to go over all of those and the complete history of Nintendo’s and x this story starts off back on March seventeenth 2015 during the antennas press conference with mobile developer Dina it was announced that Nintendo was hard at work on a dedicated game system called and X it was later stated that this cryptic announcement was made according to former Nintendo president Satoru Iwata because quote I wanted many people to understand that Nintendo will continue its dedicated game system business with even stronger motivation and passion of water then states that info on the index would not be released until $MONTH 2016 the topic of region locking was brought up during a nintendo investors Q&A on May tenth 2015 or a water stated that quote removing region locking from current games machines presents various issues so we don’t consider that to be very realistic however regarding the NX given the consumer feedback and proposals from the market we are currently investigating internally what problems they would be in realizing it and shortly after a want to stated that no annex information would be talked about at e3 2015 in that same meeting a watershed they much repeated phrase that the NX would not intend to become a simple replacement for the 3s for Wii U this simple replacement phrase has been repeated many times and has led many to believe that the NX would be a hybrid of sorts throughout the next month next level games monolith soft and retro studios announced an X Games being in development and shortly after during an interview with award it was stated that the NX idea cannot be talked about to keep competitors from stealing those ideas so nothing was said during e3 but shortly after it was revealed that Nintendo had closed door meetings with third parties regarding the NX and the reception to the system was positive in July it was also revealed by owatta that those third-party approach Nintendo for joint initiatives for games on the NX news was silent until august twenty-first when the first of many nintendo patents was found by neoga the first describes a dedicated game console lacking a district this digital console is able to come in hard drive and hard drive less flavors game code designed for this system works with different configurations due to the different possibilities of the hardware a second patent was found three days later describing a system that would allow users to share reported gaming achievements with friends like me verse with xbox 360 achievements software this system would record the gameplay of the achievement and give players the option to share that footage with friends it was around this time that an interview from July becomes public where sugimoto confirms the development of Pikmin for and that the game was actually close to completion in September an official statement from intended was released further confirming this game days later morning Ted patents were uncovered the first describing a handheld with a large game pad style screen and most importantly rotary shoulder buttons essentially mouse scroll wheels that can be clicked where shoulder buttons would normally be found a second patent describing a handheld with to vibration sensors was found to act as hap tic feedback the users would feel the vibrations and also have the ability to control the intensity of these sensors two days later another patent was found describing a handheld with outward facing image sensors on all four sites which can detect movement distance and rotation of both hands and objects to be used in a multitude of ways in games and menus the patent explicitly described an ability to read bar-codes off of amiibo style toys along with being able to detect the users pulse through fingertips a month later it was reported by The Wall Street Journal that Nintendo had started giving out development kits to second and high-level third parties intent was allegedly using industry-leading chips within this system but whether these were leading arm processors or x86 processors was not stated on October 29 2015 during a strategy briefing on Nintendo’s mobile games miyamoto added a detail on the NX stating that quote we are going to be far more aggressive in using r.i.p and not just stopping with licensing as in the past we want our IP to better reach more children and smart devices are just one vehicle once again news when silence until December third when one of the most important patents was found it describes a game console with a detachable handheld each system can play games independently of one another however you can plug the handheld into the console and share resources between the two in addition a large focus is on the idea of cloud gaming where the system would be able to connect to other servers that would offload some of the resources along with the ability to share sources between other players wow your system is not being used when the system is turned back on it gives a report to who the resources were shared with in some cases the player could be compensated with digital or physical goods now why is this patent the most important because I believe that this is the main gimmick of the NX other patents described input devices which still could be integrated but the main idea of a console and handheld sharing resources not only confirms the most frequent rumors of the NX but it is also worth stating that about six months later this patent was allowed and cleared a week later yet another patent was discovered describing a controller or handheld using a technology called free form display essentially a touchscreen that is not limited by standard sizing or shape conventions the patent describes a controller with multi-purpose operation sticks that could have the surrounding screen change based on the sticks function this technology was originally shown off back in June of $YEAR 2014 by sharp and it was reported that Nintendo has shown a large interest within this technology the patents show a basic mock-up of a controller however it is very likely not to be final design of anything incredible release on march 10 2016 even more patents were discovered by nay count three were found in total all describing around the same thing being a handheld or controller with infrared and RGB cameras that detect motion distance and position with one stressing vibration sensors now this appears to be a revised controller that was described in a previous pattern with the outward-facing image sensors and once again it is very focused on the inputs of a supposed system now according to techno a market research company Nintendo allegedly spent over a hundred and twenty seven million dollars on research and development in 2015 with most of these R&D costs being focused on whatever the next console project would be it was around this time that Nintendo had its most fruitful NX News day to date the most important info being that the annex would launch in march of 2017 and that it would not be discussed at e3 of that year the Mishima later stated that the annex will continue Nintendo’s tradition of finding quote new ways to play and that he hopes everyone will enjoy the Zelda reveal at e3 and we did Zelda breadth of the wild was announced on the Wii U and X any difference between the two versions being visual it was later found within breadth of the wilds trademark form that the game would possibly ship on a cartridge furthering a long withstanding NX rumor during e3 a representative from Nintendo of Canada restated the fact that Nintendo would talk about the NX near the end of the year and miyamoto restated the stance of protecting Nintendo from copycats when talking about the N X on October eleventh of $MONTH this year the last important patent was found detailing a handheld or controller using detachable controller modules these faces snap onto the sides of a screen light controller or handhelds hands are detected using infrared cameras on each side of the device the actual controller packs contain no electronics and instead they are detected through different buttons being pushed down that are detected by the infrared camera this greatly reduces the cost of any kind of controls being developed and allows different controllers to be designed to fit specific games months later we come to present-day where it is early October rumors and hoaxes have been floating around for over a year but few points remain throughout if the patents tell us anything than a basic understanding of what the annex could be takes shape speculation the NX will likely be a two-part system with a handheld and console that could probably be purchased separately and they can play the same games independently of one another the software will be programmed to change its settings depending on what configurations it’s running on whether that’s the console the handheld or if the two are plugged in and used in conjunction since the handheld will be capable of running the same games the software will have to come on a small non cumbersome media so cartridges should be used the console will include a controller with a screen however the entire unit will likely be smaller than the gamepad screen will take advantage of sharks free form display technology and will probably allow the user to change what button layout it uses with detachable controller module both the handheld and controller will include new forms of inputs being ir cameras for detecting object of hand movement a projector haptic feedback and rotary shoulder buttons now not everything will be included but instead a combination of as for the system and updated miiverse will probably be introduced with achievements and an easy way to connect and chat with friends along with the ability to record and share pictures and videos of your game play now as for backwards compatibility there is no evidence for anything but i find it likely from intended to sell a version of the NX with a disk drive or possibly a disk drive attachment that would allow for Wii U games to be played possibly the cartridge slot could be designed to also accept 3ds games especially since 3ds games are set to be released long after the NX launches now remember nintendo combines their handheld and console teams back in early $MONTH 2013 and since then they have been be teaming or they have been having smaller and younger teams work on lower level games to pad out that we use lifespan and lately they haven’t even been trying to give the Wii u many releases kimishima stated that be march released that they set was to keep the launch and subsequent year of the life of the NX to be filled with quality releases and it is my prediction that the big guys up a nintendo epd have been working on all the stuff that they know will sell units and excite the fan base but that’s all just my wild speculation look forward to whatever the NX is going to be and hey antenna news network is back and I promise weekly uploads from this point forward however many promising that doesn’t actually mean that it will happen it just means that I’m going to work on videos once a week and try and get them out once a week if you want to be able to see more nintendo news network videos as I have a bunch of ideas try and think about supporting me in a few different ways most importantly being the patron page down in the description below its energies never videos are my favorite things to work on they just make very little money because copyright claims and all that stuff thank you very much for watching I’m tablet bigger this is Nintendo news network.

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