How to Download FREE Music on Android Phone

today I’ll be showing you how to get or how to download i should say free music on your android device without any further ado let’s get started now before i go any farther I like to point out that this only works with well actually it should work for every android version as far as i know and as you can see here I’m still using my old Giuliani sec I barely you can kind of see me in the reflection but anyway using my old early on i am a different locations you see there’s plans back there i am at my back window of my apartment this is the exact same window where the intruder or Robert came in busted in anyway let’s go and get to it so you want to go and obviously turn on your device might not be doing it correctly


How to Download Any YouTube Video on android Mobile



Go to Google and then you want to type in here mp3 juice


then results will pop up and it’s the first one right here mp3juices free mp3 downloads and the website is or link is www CC want to go and click that and then you don’t take you to decide and this is what ok no there’s ads but you just want to click cancel


so this is made mainly when mp3juices look like all this was going to make for a cool thumbnail if the camera catches it anyway once here it’s kind of straightforward you just type in any song that you so choose to download and this is free so I’m going to demonstrate the right clip so what song can i download or what song what yeah what side do i want to download and we can’t think of one right off the top of my head that I want to actually download and keep but i guess we get download anything so okay i know we’re going to search for this video’s purpose British search copy right sounds you can notice my phone moving all over the place as i type because it’s leaning up against the window so nocopyrightsounds Nichols Ella and e queen o zi la then you want to press search


then some results love up and more than likely it’s always the first one different haven Nicola and CS release so you want to go and press download and this window will pop up right underneath it the file is ready


please click the download button to start the download and you have three options download safety cloud or shower Facebook along with download mp3 and download video now you do not I repeat do not want to click these two big blue buttons you want to click the first button that says download.


and chances are it will chances are it will take you to a page with ads as you can see here but i do not want that and we’re going to hold on okay never mind well go back into a real really quick you can see there’s an arrow right up there and as you can see there it has downloaded so and that’s pretty much it that’s it’s as simple as that sorry for my sorry my phone keeps wiggling anyway so you want to go to your downloads folder and as you can see right there


different haven Nichols Ella and you can play it straight from your music’s only going to go into my music and it’s right there internal volume very quick it’s as simple as that guys use the full song favorite that favorite song favorite song of choice and honestly I can’t play this out loud hopefully on android phone.


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