How to take a screenshot on windows 10

tutorial for Windows 10 today I have how to do a screenshot and Windows 10 so basically what you want to do is go down to here


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If you have that bar in search snipping tool right there when i click that you want to click new but make sure you click the bottom arrow the arrow pointing down click free form snip click



New will give you this little scissors you want to go just long edges down to the bottom make sure its family like good makes sure. A little up make your fingers just not going straight like down this make sure it’s like kind of going diagonally get the best looking image like this


Then once you have this go to file you can either send it to your email or you could save it into a folder





so right here I’m guys and that’s it fairly easy boom there it is guys fairly good quality perfect for a thumbnail or whatever .but it’s well it’s this works perfectly fine for Windows 10 and you can draw on it at it whatever you want from here photos yeah don’t get a hit that like button down below share this with your friends and other people and as always smile more be so yeah.


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