DJI Mavic Pro Best Drone I’ve Ever Used

DJI Mavic Pro - Best Drone I've Ever Used

DJI Mavic Pro – Best Drone I’ve Ever Used

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Hey guy’s john here and super stoked because I got a chance to spend the last

Couple of days with the brand-new DJ I Mastic Pro and so far this may be the

Coolest drone I’ve ever used

So without a doubt the most appealing the most attractive and by far the most

Interesting thing about this is its size it’s super compact and honestly when

Folded up it is not much bigger than iPhone 7 plus which is kind of

Ridiculous when you put it into perspective it only weighs about 1.6

Pounds and that combined with its small footprint makes it perfect taking it on

The go or traveling you’re easily able to fit this into a bag or backpack and

While I probably wouldn’t recommend this if you wanted to you get sandwich in

Your pocket little this

Yeah it’s just my package nothing there was also awesome is the fact that the

Setup process is crazy simple so the way it works when everything is fully

Compact and tucked away all you got to do is extend each of its four legs two

On the top and then two on the bottom and if you look closely there’s a little

Plastic cover over the camera this is simply there for protection when you’re

Traveling and taking this back and forth so we’re going to record anything makes

Sure you take it off now as far as the camera the gimbal and the camera body or

Physically smaller and more compact but the sensor is the exact same as a

Phantom 4 and you’re still getting 4k video at 24 and 30 frames per second

Now if you’ve been on the internet lately there’s been a little controversy

The video quality on the amount of pro maybe isn’t so crispy before I touch

Upon that first I want to talk about the brand new remote control which in a way

Directly affects the video quality that may seem strange and weird but in a

Minute everything will make sense so just like the magic pro the controller

Is now smaller and more compact the thumb sticks are detachable which is

Super nice touch and allows you to easily fit this into your pocket and

While there is a standard USB port to connect your phone when its killer about

This is there is now a built-in lighting ports you can connect cleanly with no

Cables anywhere there’s a really nice blend of information between the

Controller itself and your phone and what’s really nice is the controller

Will display any errors before you’re flying so in this case you can see

There’s a problem with the SD card so in this case instead of flying the drone

And thinking you’re recording video only to find out there was a problem later

With the SD card we were easily able to see it first and address that problem

Before taking off now jumping back to the magic pro for a second if you look

Closely there’s a tiny switch to let you go back and forth between RC and Wi-Fi

Mode and what that does is allows you to fly the magic pro with only your phone

And no remote control

Regardless though whether using the phone by itself or with the control of

The single most important thing to me

Before flying over recording is that there is now tap to focus so this is

Actually brand-new and something we haven’t seen before DJI it’s very

Similar to how you pull focus on a smartphone camera which was the idea

Behind it.

The footage  @

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The problem is those if you don’t have to focus nothing will be in focus so in

My experience the footage has looked really good i will definitely say

It is not as sharp as the phantom 4 but almost in a good way for me personally

The footage from a phantom 4 was very similar to what Samsung camera student

Photos the articles they’re very saturated and almost over sharp which may be a

Good thing depending on your preference but in my case I like having the

Flexibility of being able to tweak that in post i also got a chance to really

Push the camera into completely different situations this footage right

Here was right around 1pm with the Sun beaming down as bright as it possibly

Could be in Southern California normally you would definitely want to ND with

This much like we can see the camera actually holds up really well on a

Mattock pro also the footage looking at here is untouched unaltered straight out

Of the magic pro camera this is the stock picture profile which you get

Right out of the box i did go ahead and get a chance to mess with the log mode

So you can see this is completely ungraded super flat and then from here

You can see the difference added a great on top the opposite of the footage in

The blistering bright Sun this was about 15 minutes after sundown

There was a little bit of light left but not much you can definitely see some

Noise because we were really push this with light but overall the footage

Looked awesome any stabilization was fantastic.


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