Best Budget Tech September 2016 : Cheap Tech under $20

ILEPO Earphones

ILEPO Earphones

ILEPO Earphones

Best Budget Tech September 2016: Tech” under $10

Best Tech under $25

Best Budget Tech: Under 30$


The first product is the I left bank and yes it’s a pair of your friends you’ve

all seen and used them before but anchor she stands for active noise cancellation

so those you don’t know this means they have a built-in microphone which picks

up the background noise and then the processor inside tries to remove it

ok it’s not going to be quite bose quietcomfort level of isolation but it’s

better than a passive pair and twenty dollars the audio isn’t half bad either

I was impressed with the build and also come with a case and some silicone

ear tips it’s not about by at all




number two is a bit of a weird one this is bomb dick and it’s a tiny little tool

that allows you to repair everything from glasses to jewelry to a friend’s two

cables and it’s a little miracle i honestly think the person who came up

with this is a genius

it actually work straight out the box and its super simple to use for example

my current MacBook charging cable is absolutely screwed you release some of

the liquid inside of it and then you turn over and there’s a built in UV

light and the evil eye cause it to harden there’s no heat or calling


it’s that simple it becomes as strong as a hard plastic it also comes with a nice

little hard case so for bang on twenty dollars i can recommend it more.

Super Bass Speaker

Super Bass Speaker

Super Bass Speaker

now we

have one of the most interesting speakers I’ve ever tested not because of

its cutting-edge design or its insane sound quality but because it costs seven

dollars that’s not to say it sounds bad

in fact quite the opposite considering its size and price the sound will

probably amaze you

it’s got a really powerful bass as the name might suggest and it adds a lot of

richness to your music and on top of that it’s at least three hundred percent

of the volume of almost any smartphone

Mighty Mug

Mighty Mug

Mighty Mug

item number four is a mouse and not just any Mouse this is the combating and its

future set and build quality far surpasses its asking price it has a very

similar feel and functionality to my wrapped five-game else which is a

established brown and costs over fifty dollars so what we have here we’ve got a

metal construction and matt finish a color-changing internal led 10

programmable keys and a sensitivity of 4800 dpi which again is slightly better

than you’d expect for the price it is worth noting though that is a little bit

uncomfortable for left-handed use next up is the stainless steel mighty mug

Combaterwing Mouse

Combaterwing Mouse

Combaterwing Mouse

nowadays you don’t know what my team I guess it’s a company that makes months

that just don’t fall over it’s so cool it’s almost frustrating it’s got a pain

to grips and knowledge on the back and even if you give this thing a really

hard work it just does not budge it’s honestly a sight to behold

clearly if you get a cricket bat and try and knock this for a six it’s going to

move but many realistic scenario this could very well save your laptop it has

a lid that seals so that you don’t spill your drink it can even are turned over

without really spinning anything and the best bit

the reason why i love the stainless steel version of the mighty oak is that

it can insulate your drink for four hours.




number five is something that i just stumbled across a couple days ago when I

was scrolling through eBay and it took me by surprise see wear on your wrist i

would call it a watch but it just doesn’t tell the time it’s made of

silicon with those really cool bands that snap around your hand

apparently i mean from my testing at least I just could not get it to work

but if you just put on normally you shouldn’t have any problems for this

rock bottom price what this actually is an mp3 player

it’s got room for a gigabyte SD card and the sound quality is not half bad either

so it’s pretty much a perfect companion for running you’ve got face buttons

which you can use to play pause raise the volume and skip and you can even

attach the mp3 player if you want to use it .

Earson ER151

Earson ER151

Earson ER151

as a standalone so the last product

have just over twenty dollars is the ESN tr15 on Bluetooth speaker and this could

be at the price anyway one of the most feature-rich ones I’ve ever seen

it’s got a powerful forward speaker which delivers sound quality that

surpasses its size and it’s strong not just in terms of structure process in

terms of shape making it not only waterproof but dustproof anti-scratch

and shockproof and suitable for both indoor and outdoor exercise you can even

take this thing in the shower and not worry about it getting ruined the only

one complaint I would have with it is that the battery is not fantastic it

lasts about five hours the guys that was it for me for now i really hope you


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