Best Budget Tech: Under 30$

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Liquid Sapphire

Liquid Sapphire

Liquid Sapphire

Best Tech under $25

Best Tech under $100


So private number one is a right little miracle 421 pounds or about twenty-five

Dollars over there in the US you can actually get yourself a tiny little

Bottle of liquid sapphire but three drops of this on your smartphone give it

A good rub and then leave it to actually dry and your phone is apparently

Invincible it becomes scratch resistant water resistant and I’ve tried it and I

Couldn’t even get through my phone with an electric drill

Satechi Charger

Satechi Charger

Satechi Charger

so next we have the super slick wireless charging pad from this itchy

Not only does this thing look dope it also has fast wireless charging

Capabilities as well so it’ll be able to charge your compatible devices at the

Fastest rate possible so when you place your device on the charging pad the LED

Indicator will display blue and when the device is fully charged it will turn

This is easily the most attractive wireless charger that I’ve come across

With its premium aluminum construction its diamond cut chamfered edges and it’s

Smooth reflective surface this is sure to nicely complement any workstation

Setup it’s got a five star rating on amazon you can get it in a number of

Different colors you can grab it for just 25 bucks

LeTouch Battery Bank

LeTouch Battery Bank

LeTouch Battery Bank

Overall this is highly recommended so their product is really touch battery

Pack and with a capacity of 1,350 milliamps it may not seem like much but

There’s a twist because this thing fits in your wallet

It’s about as thick as two credit cards which is especially impressive

Considering that the micros cable is already inside of it also probably won’t

Replace your twenty thousand million power hitchhiking power bank it’s a great

Thing to have and it’s got enough capacity to charge most smartphones on

To at least fifty percent battery so it really comes into its own in a time of

Emergency for example if there’s a while Char Izard

 Oamaker Speaker


Oamaker Speaker

Oamaker Speaker

next up we’re taking a look at

This absolutely tiny Bluetooth speaker from homemaker

This is the Omega M for and while it may be tiny it packs quite a punch in the

Sound Department check it out

Yeah that’s pretty impressive right this little ice cube of a speaker only weighs

A little over three ounces

It’s got a 1050 million power battery which promises 12 hours of playback and

It only takes two and a half hours to recharge it

Overall the speakers built like a tank it provides surprisingly loud and clear

Audio and if you’re looking for an upgrade over your phone’s built-in

Speakers but you don’t want to spend too much money or you don’t want to get

Something that gets in the way then this is the way to go

You can get into different colors it’s got a five star rating on amazon and you

Can grab it for just 20 bucks so the last item on our list and possibly





The Most important is air ferns and specifically we’ve got four different

Recommendations all of which are under 25 dollars depending on the plan

Emphasis on vocals bass quantity or even more control approach we’ve got the FN

For you

We’ve got the case at a tease that these are DF tends the Roxon cons and the

IMac 610 DS and they are all top notch so guys thanks .

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